5 WWE Superstars Who Would Be Perfect Opponents For MJF

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MJF has been the speech of the municipality and successful 2024, he’ll beryllium the biggest communicative successful wrestling.

Maxwell Jacob Friedman is simply a apical bottommost successful AEW and adjacent though he’s a prima now, the 26-year-old hasn’t adjacent scratched the surface. Many spot Plainview’s finest arsenic a large subordinate successful the manufacture for years to come.

While AEW has its aureate goose for now, things could alteration successful 2024. That’s erstwhile MJF’s declaration with the institution volition expire. Reports person claimed that MJF is simply a spot unhappy with Tony Khan aft a chat regarding taking media interviews without permission.

While that yet could crook retired to beryllium nothing, Maxwell has teased investigating the marketplace some connected and off-air. It’s near galore wondering if MJF volition beryllium making the large leap to WWE.

If helium does, present are 5 WWE superstars who would beryllium cleanable opponents for him:

The Miz The Miz was picked by Raw during WWE Draft(via WWE)

You knew this was coming, truthful mightiness arsenic good get it retired of the mode now. If WWE signs MJF, he’s bound to person a programme with The Miz. Wrestling fans person agelong made comparisons betwixt the two.

It makes sense. After all, some characters person a consciousness of entitlement, bask the finer things successful life, and deliberation they’re amended than everyone else.

Heck, CM Punk adjacent referred to MJF arsenic a “less celebrated Miz” during their AEW feud.

MJF and The Miz person really exchanged pleasantries. Back successful precocious 2021, Maxwell appeared connected SiriusXM’s Throwing Down with Renee & Miesha and helium expressed his content that Miz is “tremendous” arsenic a performer.

Miz returned the favor, telling Peter Rosenberg that MJF is nary copycat. Miz besides said helium feels MJF has done a great occupation successful a abbreviated play of time.

Kevin Owens Kevin Owens(via WWE)

When you deliberation of Kevin Owens, you don’t deliberation of the prototypical WWE superstar.

KO is truthful bully that helium ended up being a Swiss service weapon for Vince McMahon‘s empire. You tin enactment Owens successful immoderate relation and he’s going to succeed.

For a feud with MJF to work, however, there’s nary uncertainty that Owens volition person to play the babyface role. Maxwell would thrive successful this concern being the snotty, affluent brat moving down the hardworking Owens who was ne'er meant to grace the screen of GQ Magazine.

As a heel, Owens has a mode of making the assemblage hatred him. As a face, he’ll marque the WWE Universe emotion him. He’d beryllium the cleanable bully feline successful this feud.

This would beryllium a location run.

John Cena john cena jpg optimal(via WWE)

This 1 is simply a spot tougher to propulsion disconnected since John Cena is simply a engaged antheral these days with Hollywood.

With that said, this would beryllium a fantastic rivalry.

When you deliberation backmost to Cena’s feuds with the likes of AJ Styles, Roman Reigns, and others, helium ever brought consecutive vigor connected the mic. He and MJF would person immoderate memorable verbal battles and the lucifer would besides apt deliver.

As helium proved during his rivalry with Styles, Cena does a large occupation handling programs with stars who had been established successful different promotion. He knows however to deed adjacent to location with his words and merchantability the assemblage connected the value of the match.

If MJF ends up successful WWE and Cena’s docket allows for it, this lucifer is simply a must.

Roman Reigns Roman Reigns featurePhoto: WWE.com

Roman Reigns is easy the apical prima successful WWE today.

Ever since transitioning to his “Tribal Chief” character, his banal has soared. Reigns has been specified a ascendant unit that he’s moving retired of legit contenders connected TV.

If MJF enters WWE and feuds with Reigns, fans volition get the added bonus of witnessing Maxwell and Paul Heyman spell astatine it connected the mic. Much similar Cena, Heyman knows however to marque things much idiosyncratic and he’d apt bash the aforesaid for an MJF-Reigns storyline.

The thought down Reigns’ quality is that helium thinks he’s successful “God Mode.” All of the absorption are expected to fearfulness him but MJF is quick-witted and would greatly situation the “Head of the Table” successful promo battles.

The question is, volition Roman Reigns beryllium astir successful 2024 if MJF makes the jump?

Reigns has signed a caller woody to instrumentality less dates and immoderate question whether oregon not he’ll beryllium connected his mode retired of WWE sooner alternatively than aboriginal should Hollywood travel calling.

Cody Rhodes MJF Cody Rhodes

This 1 is simply a no-brainer.

There is simply excessively overmuch past betwixt MJF and Cody Rhodes to ignore. The 2 had been booked arsenic champion friends connected AEW TV until Maxwell turned connected Cody by booting him successful the nether regions.

The 2 yet collided astatine the AEW Revolution PPV backmost successful Feb. 2020. MJF emerged victorious, putting an extremity to their rivalry though it decidedly felt similar determination was immoderate unfinished concern that would beryllium addressed aft immoderate clip passed.

Cody made the shocking leap to WWE astatine WrestleMania 38 backmost successful April. For WWE to publication a high-profile feud with 2 of AEW’s aureate boys would astir apt beryllium a immense feather successful the headdress of institution officials.

There’s nary uncertainty Cody would propulsion for this to hap if WWE snags MJF and he’d apt get his wish.