Adam Cole Addresses His NXT Run, Possible Regrets, AEW’s Growth

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Adam Cole is present 8 months into his tally with All Elite Wrestling, but erstwhile helium sits down for interviews, questions are inactive asked astir his clip with WWE NXT. That’s for bully crushed — Cole was 1 of the astir decorated stars successful the past of the brand.

That being said, Cole ne'er had a tally connected the WWE main roster contempt galore clamoring for it implicit the years. Undoubtedly 1 of the astir talented wrestlers successful the world, Cole took his talents to AEW and feuded with “Hangman” Adam Page for the AEW World Championship earlier this year.

Speaking this week with Stephanie Chase, Cole addressed his past with NXT and whether helium has immoderate regrets.

“I cherished my clip successful NXT, and I would not alteration a happening astir the mode my vocation has gone,” Cole said. “I deliberation successful a batch of ways, my clip successful NXT made maine a amended performer. It enactment maine successful a presumption wherever I got to larn nether guys that I idolized. Like Triple H was a feline that I truly looked up to, and I formed a large narration with him and helium helped maine a lot.

“Shawn Michaels is my favourite wrestler of each time, successful my opinion, conscionable the top ever. We inactive person a fantastic relationship, again, we inactive support successful touch, and we inactive speech and worldly similar that. He helped maine much than anybody, helium was conscionable so, truthful adjuvant connected truthful galore antithetic levels. So, decidedly bash not regret astatine each my clip successful NXT, I loved my clip there.”

Adam Cole(via AEW)

Cole besides discussed his vocation successful wide and however helium believes helium has been successful the close spot astatine the close time, joining promotions that were either blistery oregon conscionable starting to summation momentum. That has decidedly been the lawsuit erstwhile you look astatine his runs with the Bullet Club successful ROH and Japan, NXT, and present AEW.

“My full career, I don’t cognize however this has happened. But I consciousness similar whether it beryllium Ring Of Honor, oregon CZW wherever I started, oregon New Japan, I consciousness similar I’ve gotten truthful fortunate successful truthful galore antithetic ways arsenic acold arsenic the timing of worldly that has happened. So, to me, NXT was peaking arsenic I was coming in. And past I got to enactment with each these guys that I person known for years, and years, and years, and ended up connected television, which was truly cool. Now with AEW, aforesaid thing. I consciousness similar I americium astatine a constituent wherever AEW is conscionable doing this (growing) close now, and I consciousness similar they volition for years,” Cole said.

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H/T to Wrestling Inc. for the transcript.