Adam Cole Reacts to Pat McAfee’s WrestleMania 38 Performance

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Adam Cole inactive thinks Pat McAfee is simply a “dirtbag” – but gives the SmackDown Live commentator props for his show astatine WrestleMania 38.

Cole was precocious interviewed by Stephanie Chase and was asked astir his erstwhile NXT rival’s show connected “The Grandest Stage Of Them All.” McAfee went one-on-one with Austin Theory successful Dallas, Texas and managed to travel retired connected top.

Still playing up to their aged storyline, Cole said McAfee is inactive a “dirtbag,” but admits McAfee’s show was 1 of the highlights of the full weekend.

“As a person, he’s a dirtbag, can’t basal him,” Adam Cole said. “But if I volition look objectively and speech astir however overmuch imaginable helium has, Pat McAfee blows my mind. He’s truthful athletically gifted, arsenic acold arsenic the wrestling portion he’s done great.

“Everyone knows helium tin speech for hours, and he’s ace compelling and interesting. Pat knocked it retired of the park, helium did an amazing, astonishing job. So, arsenic acold arsenic the imaginable of wherever helium could go, and what helium could bash successful the pro wrestling industry, I deliberation helium could spell arsenic acold arsenic helium wants to, seriously.

“To me, it was 1 of the highlights of the full play was Pat’s match. He’s a unspeakable person, but a batch of potential.”

McAfee had a large WrestleMania weekend successful Dallas. First, got to marque his in-ring WrestleMania debut against Austin Theory. The ex-NFL punter impressed with his in-ring ability, and adjacent managed to propulsion retired the triumph implicit the WWE Superstar. However, what came adjacent was, arguably, adjacent bigger.

Vince McMahon, sitting ringside to enactment Theory, came into the ringing and demanded an impromptu lucifer betwixt himself and McAfee. McAfee, already beaten and bushed from his archetypal match, yet fell to McMahon for the 3 count.

While McMahon and Theory celebrated, WWE Hall Of Fame Stone Cold Steve Austin deed the ring, stunning some Theory and McMahon to marque the save. McAfee really got to partake successful a brew bash solemnisation with Austin, earlier “The Rattlesnake” deed McAfee with a stunner arsenic well.

For McAfee, it was a dream-come-true for the longtime nonrecreational wrestling fan, and his show wrong the ringing unsocial was awesome connected its own.

Quotes via Wrestling Inc.