Adrian Yanez Will Never Stop Mourning Father Or Late Coach, But It’s Getting Easier To Deal With

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After losing his begetter six years ago, Adrian Yanez mislaid his 2nd begetter figure, legendary manager Saul Soliz, past year. The 28-year-old volition ne'er halt mourning some of them, but it’s getting easier to woody with implicit time.

Losing a genitor is 1 of the hardest things a lad oregon girl tin ever woody with. Yanez has dealt with losing 2 of the astir important begetter figures of his life. Losing his begetter successful 2016 had a profound interaction connected him. It forced him to effort and get to the UFC adjacent harder than before, which helium did successful 2020. After making it to the UFC and knocking retired his archetypal 3 opponents, his long-time caput manager Soliz passed distant from COVID successful 2021.

Yanez fought 3 months aboriginal and picked up Fight of the Night against Davey Grant. After the fight, successful his post-fight interview, helium said helium needed immoderate clip for himself to bespeak and marque definite helium was good earlier reasoning astir warring again. The Texas autochthonal had ne'er got clip to mourn the nonaccomplishment of his coach.

Yanez yet took the clip helium needed to absorption connected his intelligence wellness and his caller family. He’s present acceptable to instrumentality astatine UFC Austin this weekend.

“I would accidental yes and nary [I dealt with everything]. Yes and no, due to the fact that close aft the Davey Grant fight, a mates of weeks later, my lad was born. So, determination was conscionable a batch of stuff, benignant of conscionable piling connected onto maine astatine once. Even conscionable with that — having my son, determination was a mates of nights wherever I was having occupation putting him to sleep. And I would conscionable think, like, ‘man, who tin I telephone close now, like, who tin I call?’ So a batch of times, I was trying to get done it,” Yanez told Cageside Press successful a caller interview. “Trying to mourn was truly hard, it was benignant of really, truly hard, due to the fact that I benignant of was conscionable like, ‘Oh, I’m successful dada mode already.’ So like, it was conscionable a mates of weeks of maine trying to woody with it and everything. You cognize what I volition accidental [about] maine taking that clip off, it did bash similar a batch of large things for myself due to the fact that I got to spot what I request to enactment connected and what I request to do.”

“It’s besides benignant of conscionable similar looking astatine my lad and conscionable seeing, what bash I request to alteration successful myself and what bash I request to amended for myself? And the biggest happening has been intelligence wellness connected that end, due to the fact that I don’t privation my lad to spot the stuff, similar maine bottling everything up, maine not dealing with everything. So it benignant of did marque maine person to code it, and I person been addressing it.”

“I’ll ne'er decorativeness mourning my begetter oregon my manager Saul. It’s ne'er going to stop; it’s ne'er going to beryllium easy. But it volition beryllium easier to woody with if that makes sense. Like losing them, 100%, it’s ever gonna beryllium the like, f*ck, that sucks, but being capable to speech astir it, due to the fact that the much that I’ve really talked astir it, has really helped maine retired truthful overmuch more. And I deliberation that’s the biggest thing.”

Adrian Yanez, UFC Vegas 43Adrian Yanez, UFC Vegas 43 post-fight Credit: Alex Behunin/Cageside Press

Yanez revealed that his dada helped him with bottling up his emotions, and due to the fact that of that, helium wants to relay that cognition to his son.

Yanez’s begetter and manager taught him galore lessons successful life, and acknowledgment to that, the mourning process volition ne'er spell away.

“Again, I’m ne'er gonna halt mourning them due to the fact that they were specified a large portion of my life. I met my manager erstwhile I was 18 years old, erstwhile I was becoming a man. And past besides my dad, being my dad, acceptable a large illustration for me. And truthful like, it’s ever going to beryllium hard. But ya know, conscionable surviving done their lessons is similar the biggest happening for me, and it’s been helping maine retired truthful overmuch on the way,” Yanez said.

It has besides been precise pugnacious connected the 28-year-old not having his 2 begetter figures astir to conscionable his son.

“I would archer my member that I would beryllium ‘super jealous of you’ due to the fact that my dada got to clasp his daughter,” Yanez said. “You know, I’d get so.. helium would beryllium happy. He ever wanted to grandson, and present helium got a granddaughter, and helium has a grandson. And for him not being capable to clasp him, similar yeah, I told my member ‘I’m ace jealous of you.'”

Yanez’s lad was calved 4 months aft Soliz passed away, but anterior to the legendary coach’s passing, Yanez said helium was truthful blessed erstwhile the quality afloat kicked in.

“The archetypal absorption was conscionable like, ‘oh shit, congratulations, and helium shook my hand,” Yanez laughed. “But aft that, helium was truthful excited and truthful happy. [He was with me] each measurement of the way.”

The biggest downside astir not having his begetter and manager astir for Yanez is not being capable to telephone them erstwhile helium doesn’t cognize what to bash astir his son.

“It does suck because, like, those are the radical who I would privation to call,” Yanez said.
“There’s been plentifulness of times erstwhile I wanted to telephone my dada conscionable to beryllium like, ‘hey, what did you do? Like, Hey, what did you do? Like, I’m losing my crap close now. I cognize me, and my member were small shits. But hey, what did you bash successful this situation? I conscionable privation you to speech maine done this.’ And past the aforesaid happening with my coach, you know, helium had his son, and I wanted to telephone my manager to beryllium like, ‘hey coach, what did you do? Like, what are you doing? Like, what did you bash to get done this? So, to me, it’s like, a really, truly sucks.”

While his 2 begetter figures aren’t around, the “biggest redeeming grace” for Yanez is that helium is leaving a legacy, and wherever they are, they are arrogant of what helium has become.

Yanez returns to enactment successful beforehand of a sold-out assemblage for the archetypal clip successful his UFC vocation connected June 18. He faces Toney Kelley successful his location authorities arsenic the featured preliminary paper fight. Watch the remainder of our interrogation with Adrian Yanez above.