AEW Rampage Results (5/13/22): TNT Title Match, Owen Hart Tournament, Kris Statlander, Shawn Spears

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AEW Rampage was taped aft Wednesday’s variation of Dynamite astatine the UBS Arena successful Elmont, New York. Scorpio Sky defended the TNT Championship against Frankie Kazarian successful the main event. Riho battled Ruby Soho successful the quarterfinals of the Owen Hart Tournament.

Rampage Results

Death Triangle def. Butcher, Blade, Marq QuenShawn Spears def. Bear BoulderRuby Soho def. Riho to beforehand successful the women’s Owen Hart TournamentScorpio Sky def. Frankie Kazarian to clasp the TNT Championship

Here are the takeaways from this week’s Rampage:

Death Triangle Picked Up A Win

Death Triangle (PAC, Pentagon Jr, Rey Fenix) faced The Blade, The Butcher, and Marq Quen successful a Trios lucifer to statesman the show. In lawsuit you were wondering, Jericho named Butcher & Blade his Sports Entertainers of the Week during the match.

Blade and Penta started disconnected the enactment and Pentagon Jr. took power with a Superkick. PAC tagged successful and connected with a Dropkick earlier Butcher fragged him to the outside. Butcher planted Pac with a Suplex and past tagged into the match.

Pac deed Butcher with a Dropkick to the genu to sound the large antheral down. Pac followed it up with different Dropkick but disconnected the apical turnbuckle this time. Quen tagged successful and deed Pac with an Arm Drag earlier Fenix tagged in.

Quen connected with a Hurricanrana and went for a Powerbomb but Fenix escaped. Rey deed an Arm Drag of his ain but got distracted by Butcher. Marq capitalized with a Dropkick that knocked Rey retired of the ringing arsenic Rampage went to a commercialized break.

When Rampage returned, Quen escaped a Headlock and connected with a 450 Splash connected Fenix. Quen went backmost up to the apical enactment and deed a Crossbody onto Pac and Penta connected the floor. Blade and Fenix past battled successful the ringing and Rey deed a Hurricanrana.

Pac connected with a German Suplex connected Quen and went for the screen but Marq was capable to footwear retired astatine two. Butcher and Blade tripped Pac up but got caught with a mates dives from Lucha Bros (Penta & Fenix. Lucha Bros deed Fear Factor connected Marq arsenic Pac climbed to the apical turnbuckle. Pac deed the Black Arrow for the pinfall victory.

Shawn Spears def. Bear Boulder

Shawn Spears faced Bear Boulder connected this week’s Rampage. It was Bear Boulder’s archetypal singles lucifer successful AEW. Spears taunted Boulder with the “10!” airs and Bear threw Shawn crossed the ring. Boulder charged but Spears got retired of the mode and Bear crashed into the turnbuckle. Spears past raked Boulder’s eyes and planted him with the C4 for the pinfall victory.

On adjacent week’s occurrence of Dynamite, MJF volition springiness Wardlow 10 lashes. If Wardlow tin woody with that, helium volition conflict Shawn Spears successful a Steel Cage (presumably connected the go-home occurrence of Dynamite earlier Double oregon Nothing) with MJF arsenic the peculiar referee. If Wardlow wins the Steel Cage match, helium volition conflict MJF astatine Double oregon Nothing with a accidental to get retired of his declaration with Maxwell Jacob Friedman.

However, if Wardlow loses astatine Double oregon Nothing, helium cannot motion a declaration with AEW. Shawn Spears hyped up the cage lucifer during his quality connected Busted Open and suggested that he’d permission AEW if the cage lucifer is not the main lawsuit connected Dynamite.

Ruby Soho Advanced In The Owen Hart Tournament, Kris Statlander Will Replace Hikaru Shida

Riho battled Ruby Soho successful the quarterfinals of the women’s Owen Hart Foundation Tournament.

Soho controlled the enactment aboriginal and applied an armbar. Riho escaped and went for a Northern Lights Suplex but Soho blocked it. Soho battled backmost and went for No Future but Riho blocked it. Riho got Soho successful a Half Crab successful the mediate of the ringing but Ruby fought done the symptom and reached the bottommost enactment to interruption the clasp arsenic Rampage went to a break.

When Rampage returned, Riho deed a Crucifix Bomb but didn’t hook the limb during the screen and Ruby kicked out. Soho past deed Bladerunner for the pinfall triumph and precocious to the semifinals of the women’s Owen Hart Foundation Tournament.

Jade Cargill & The Baddies (Red Velvet & Kiera Hogan) were interviewed by the Tony Schiavone. They wanted to cognize who Red Velvet volition beryllium facing adjacent week successful the Owen Hart Tournament since Hikaru Shida is not medically cleared to compete. It was announced that Kris Statlander volition regenerate Shida successful the tourney and conflict Red Velvet adjacent week connected Rampage.

Scorpio Sky Retained The TNT Championship

Scorpio Sky defended the TNT Championship against Frankie Kazarian successful tonight’s main event. The 2 were formerly successful the tag squad known arsenic SCU (the inaugural tag champs successful AEW). Mark Henry interviewed the wrestlers earlier the match. Dan Lambert and Ethan Page interrupted and mocked Kazarian. Scorpio Sky wasn’t a instrumentality of it and told Page & Lambert to instrumentality the remainder of the nighttime off.

The enactment started disconnected backmost and forth. Sky took power and sent Kazarian retired of the ring. The TNT Champion knocked Frankie to the extracurricular and flipped onto him arsenic Rampage went to the last commercialized interruption of the show.

When Rampage returned, Kazarian deed a Leg Drop and rolled Sky up for a 2 count. Frankie followed it up with a large Clothesline and fired up the crown. Kazarian connected with a Body Slam for a 2 number and the champ responded with a Jawbreaker. Frankie slingshotted Sky into an awesome Cutter and went for the screen but Sky managed to footwear retired astatine the past moment.

The erstwhile teammates hobbled to their feet and Kazarian locked successful the Chicken Wing successful the mediate of the ring. Sky tried to usage the turnbuckle to flight but Kaz held on. Dan Lambert hopped connected the ringing apron for a distraction. Ethan Page deed Frankie with the TNT Championship arsenic Jericho noted that Scorpio Sky didn’t spot it. Sky past deed the TKO for the pinfall victory.

After the match, Scorpio Sky and Ethan Page started arguing but it was conscionable a swerve. Men of the Year (Page and Sky) past bushed Kazarian down until Sammy Guevara made the prevention to adjacent the show.