After Claiming LFA Lightweight Title, Aaron McKenzie Wants A Shot To Prove Himself In The UFC

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Aaron McKenzie wants his UFC shot.

After grinding for years, McKenzie (11-2-1) is acceptable to beryllium himself successful the UFC aft winning the LFA lightweight championship. At LFA 128, helium defeated Lucas Clay via a precise adjacent divided determination to get the strap.

While helium was a small disquieted astir going to the judge’s scorecards, McKenzie’s manager knew helium had the victory.

“Anytime I spell to decision, I’m ever we’re ever worried. Rafael [Lovato) was truthful assured due to the fact that helium saw the stats, and helium knew however the combat was. But helium conscionable kept repeating the stats, telling maine I did it; helium knew. And truthful his assurance gave maine assurance that I astir apt could person done it,” McKenzie told Cageside Press successful an exclusive interview.

“I knew I had a batch of power clip successful the past circular connected the fence. He was not going down, and I wasn’t going down that circular either. I conscionable was a small disquieted astir that past 10 seconds aft helium deed maine successful the nuts and past conscionable went crazy,” McKenzie continued. “That was the lone happening that I deliberation disquieted maine astir that past round, but nary of that adjacent hit, truthful that’s what sucks; it looked atrocious due to the fact that I tripped and fell forward. But nary of the strikes caught maine astatine all.”

There person been 5 LFA lightweight champions earlier McKenzie, and each but 1 person made it to a large organization. Two person gone to Bellator, and the different 2 went to the UFC and PFL.

The 33-year-old wants his shot. He believes helium has earned it and tin vie with the champion successful the world. While helium prefers to spell consecutive to the UFC, if helium has to spell done Dana White’s Contender Series, helium will.

“I recognize that I’m not successful a presumption to marque the decision. I would emotion to spell consecutive to the UFC. I’d emotion to person a accidental to beryllium that this rubric is arsenic morganatic arsenic they come. I privation to beryllium that I beryllium successful the UFC. And I privation to amusement them that I tin past and marque a large vocation retired of it,” McKenzie said. “I got 5 to 7 much years astatine a precocious level, and I deliberation I tin enactment unneurotic 15 to 20 fights. I privation to beryllium active, and they’ve got the radical that would assistance maine beryllium active. I don’t privation to combat erstwhile a year, doubly a year; I privation to get three, four, oregon 5 fights successful for arsenic galore years arsenic I tin close now.”

“I’d emotion for them to springiness maine that shot. But with that being said, if they deliberation I request a Contender combat to beryllium myself against different pugnacious dude, I’ll bushed up different pugnacious dude. All right, that’s each I’ve done, and that’s each I’m going to proceed to do. Those are the guys successful the UFC. So, those are the guys we fought extracurricular of UFC, and I perfectly judge Lucas volition beryllium successful determination eventually, too.”

With Dana White’s Contender Series coming backmost successful a fewer months and with the UFC ever looking for the champion fighters successful the world, McKenzie is staying ready. He was already backmost successful the gym getting acceptable to prehend immoderate accidental that comes his mode aft his rubric fight.

Watch the remainder of our combat with LFA 128 victor Aaron McKenzie above.