After UFC 276, Dricus Du Plessis Is “Fighting the Big Dogs Now,” Gastelum or Otherwise

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Las Vegas, NV — The archetypal determination successful the vocation of Dricus Du Plessis was a thoroughly entertaining one.

A three-round warfare with Brad Tavares didn’t conscionable entertain fans, however, but Du Plessis himself.

“Finally got that determination win. First clip going to a decision, and it couldn’t person gone immoderate better,” South Africa’s Du Plessis (17-2) exclaimed pursuing the fight, portion of UFC 276 astatine the T-Mobile Arena successful Las Vegas. “If a determination had to beryllium similar that, I would spell to a determination each time. Because that is simply a hard fought decision, that is simply a determination the assemblage loves. That is simply a determination that, doesn’t substance if that combat was finished oregon not, radical were entertained, I was entertained. I near everything successful there.”

The middleweight, a erstwhile KSW and EFC champ, expects the triumph to onshore him successful the rankings aboriginal this week.

“This is erstwhile I measurement into the apical 15, and I’m not leaving this apical 15. I’m lone going up from here. This combat has to enactment the remainder of the part connected notice. If I don’t sound you out, if I don’t taxable you, astatine the end, successful the heavy waters, I volition inactive beryllium there, throwing with everything I have.”

As for what comes adjacent — oregon much accurately who — Du Plessis would similar to get backmost the match-up helium concisely had with Kelvin Gastelum earlier this year. But if that isn’t forthcoming, anyone ranked volition do.

“I’m not the matchmaker, but I consciousness it [the Gastelum fight] makes sense. The combat was fundamentally already made. I did him a solid, I did the UFC a coagulated to instrumentality that combat connected precise abbreviated notice, and I was the lone 1 that mislaid it. I gave up my opponent, helium pulled retired connected combat week and I was near without a fight. That’s successful the past. I’ve got a monolithic show now, I’ve got my caller contract, I’m warring the large dogs now,” said Du Plessis. “If they don’t privation to marque the Gastelum fight, springiness maine idiosyncratic other successful the apical 10. Whoever they privation to give, I’m ready. I deliberation contiguous proved it. I’ve got 2 knockouts, and contiguous I got that precise bully decision. I showed that I’m not lone a 1 oregon 2 circular fighter, I’m a feline that tin spell the distance.”

Watch the afloat UFC 276 post-fight property league with Dricus Du Plessis above. More sum from the lawsuit tin beryllium recovered below.