AJ Lee Offers Advice To People Dealing With Mental Health Issues

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AJ Lee is an inspiration for immoderate idiosyncratic dealing with intelligence wellness problems. She had a palmy WWE vocation portion dealing with aggregate issues herself. By opening up astir her struggles with bipolar disorder, she has inspired galore to question help. The erstwhile Divas champion has continued spreading consciousness astir intelligence wellness successful the nine with her post-WWE work.

The erstwhile WWE prima opened up astir her travel and struggles connected Renee Paquette’s The Sessions podcast. Speaking astir however she manages her vocation with her illness, Lee said that it’s thing you person to perpetually beryllium alert of:

“It truly becomes this happening that you person to enactment connected apical of each the time. You ever person to benignant of springiness yourself grace and cheque successful with yourself” said AJ Lee, “And amended yourself astir treatment, astir the close method for you and astir symptoms.”

The retired wrestling prima besides revealed her proposal for the radical who are dealing with issues themselves oregon cognize idiosyncratic who does. She mentioned however acquisition and empathy are 2 things that tin prevention a life:

“So that’s my biggest thing, whether it’s you oregon idiosyncratic you attraction astir – acquisition and empathy. If you conscionable cognize what’s happening and you tin springiness radical a small spot of abstraction and healing and grace erstwhile they request help.” said AJ Lee, “You truly could prevention your beingness oregon idiosyncratic else’s.”

You tin find state omniscient and planetary intelligence wellness hotlines here.

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