Alexa Bliss has “Fun” Future Goal Outside of the Ring

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Since debuting successful WWE, Alexa Bliss has proven herself to beryllium a formidable contender successful the ring.

One of a tiny fistful of women to person held the Raw Women’s Title, SmackDown Women’s Title, and WWE Women’s Tag Team Titles, Bliss is besides a erstwhile Ms. Money successful the Bank.

Bliss has accomplished overmuch much than others successful WWE, but the Raw Superstar has plans extracurricular of the ring.

Bliss’ caller vocation goal

On Twitter, Bliss expressed her tendency to dependable an animated quality saying that it would beryllium “so overmuch fun.”

I deliberation being the dependable of an animated quality would beryllium truthful overmuch fun- aboriginal goal??

— Lexi (Kaufman) Cabrera (@AlexaBliss_WWE) June 18, 2022

Bliss earned a ton of responses, with galore calling connected her to effort and get a relation successful a Disney oregon Pixar movie.

Another suggested Bliss dependable DC Comics quality Harley Quinn, who Bliss utilized arsenic inspiration for her Backlash 2016 ring-attire.

At slightest 1 idiosyncratic suggested that the Raw Superstar get her merchandise from WWE successful bid to beryllium capable to power what benignant of roles she tin spell for.

Bliss extracurricular of the Ring

Alexa Bliss whitethorn beryllium champion known for her relation arsenic a WWE Superstar, but a vocation distant from wrestling isn’t excessively far-fetched.

In 2017, Bliss joined E!’s Total Divas and has made regular appearances connected Xavier Woods’ UpUpDownDown YouTube channel, nether the sanction Miss Bliss.

In aboriginal 2020, Bliss appeared successful a euphony video for Bowling for Soup, her favourite band, which made a opus dedicated to and named aft her.

A twelvemonth later, Bliss would look alongside Charlotte Flair connected an occurrence of Punky Brewster.