Alexa Bliss is “Very Sad” that she Can’t Work with Released Wrestler

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Alexa Bliss has been with WWE for galore years now, and has seen plentifulness of Superstars travel and go.

Since April 2020, WWE has chopped Superstars successful droves successful the sanction of fund cuts, with aggregate erstwhile World Champions being cut.

Seeing your colleagues and friends suffer their jobs has understandably been hard for the remaining locker country and there’s 1 sanction Bliss particularly misses.

Bliss and Bray Wyatt

Speaking connected the Out of Character podcast, Bliss recalled moving with Bray Wyatt, her brought retired a darker quality successful her successful mid-2020.

Bliss said however she loved moving with Wyatt and it is unfortunate that he’s nary longer with the company.

“Oh my gosh. Working with The Fiend, with Windham was the astir amusive I’ve ever had successful my full WWE career. He is truthful superb with his creativity and helium puts truthful overmuch effort into his character. So overmuch research. It made maine wanna measurement my crippled up, 100%. Being like, ‘Okay, helium puts this overmuch thought to his character. I request to enactment doubly arsenic overmuch thought successful mine.’ Because erstwhile you measurement into idiosyncratic else’s gimmick, you don’t privation to bring it down. So I enactment successful truthful overmuch effort into that and protecting the character, protecting erstwhile we did the Firefly Fun House. It was truthful fun. It’s precise bittersweet that we don’t enactment unneurotic anymore, due to the fact that it was truthful overmuch fun. I deliberation the WWE Universe saw however overmuch amusive we’re having.”

“It’s precise bittersweet that we don’t enactment unneurotic anymore.”

Alexa Bliss connected not moving with Bray Wyatt anymore.

Wyatt was released from WWE successful July 2021, a determination that shocked fans fixed the popularity of his ‘The Fiend’ character.

He has yet to look for immoderate different large wrestling promotion.

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