Alexa Bliss Shows Off New Tattoo

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Alexa Bliss has revealed a caller tattoo that matches ink with her hubby Ryan Cabrera.

Last month, the erstwhile Raw Women’s Champion tied the knot with her instrumentalist hubby during a ceremonial astatine Kempa Villa successful Palm Desert, California.

In a tweet, Bliss showed disconnected her caller ink: a achromatic bosom with caricatures of some her and her husband.

Cabrera’s limb tin besides beryllium seen successful the representation with the aforesaid tattoo.

Bliss’ instrumentality to WWE  WWE Elimination Chamber 2022 (WWE  Network Exclusive) - YouTubeAfter weeks of therapy sessions removing the supernatural aspects of her character, Bliss returned arsenic that quality successful the 2022 Women’s Elimination Chamber match.

Despite being 1 of the astir fashionable pistillate Superstars successful caller years, Alexa Bliss has had a unusual clip arsenic of late.

In September 2021, Bliss went connected a lengthy hiatus owed to needing clip disconnected to retrieve from sinus surgery.

After a lengthy absence, Bliss returned successful January, appearing successful a bid of therapy segments that seemed to extremity her supernatural character.

Competing astatine the 2022 Elimination Chamber Premium Live Event, Bliss returned to that quality and was reportedly frustrated with the deficiency of originative absorption for her.

Bliss returned to WWE TV this week ditching her supernatural character, but inactive carried Lilly to the ring.

Alexa Bliss Willing to effort her Hand astatine Acting (August 2021)