Bellator 277’s Patricio Pitbull Plans on Stopping A.J. McKee: “He’s Not Going to Fight My Brother”

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San Jose, CA — Patricio Pitbull does not foresee a lightweight rubric changeable for A.J. McKee, contempt the featherweight champ having expressed involvement successful precisely that.

“It’s not gonna happen,” Pitbull told Cageside Press connected Thursday successful an exclusive interview. “I’m going to halt him tomorrow, and he’s not going to combat my brother.”

The familial ties up of Bellator 277 person been arsenic beardown arsenic ever. McKee has begetter Antonio, himself a seasoned lightweight, successful his corner. He’s agelong talked astir moving to lightweight, and with Bellator’s 155lb loop presently held by Patricio’s member Patricky, the combat seems conscionable a small spot personal.

Of course, Patricio Pitbull himself is simply a erstwhile Bellator lightweight champion — but those days are successful the past, helium confirmed to us.

“No, my aboriginal is the featherweight division,” Pitbull said erstwhile asked astir a determination backmost to 155. “My absorption is connected that.”

His absorption has been connected the rematch with McKee for the amended portion of a year. “After the loss, I conscionable travel location and bid for this combat until now,” helium noted. “So I’m focused, and I’m gonna effort to instrumentality my loop back. I’m precise confident.”

After implicit 15 years successful the athletics and approaching 40 fights, what keeps Patricio Pitbull committed to increasing arsenic a martial artist? That, helium said, was his “will to privation to evolve.”

“There’s a batch of martial arts that I haven’t adjacent utilized successful portion of my strategy and crippled plans. In a batch of my crippled plans, I haven’t had the accidental to usage [them]. I person the volition to privation to learn, to get better.”

Coach Eric Albarracin noted that it’s cardinal for coaches to germinate arsenic well. “When you’re a satellite champion coach, you cognize that the adjacent idiosyncratic is the champion idiosyncratic connected the planet. And we each cognize we person a bullseye connected our back, truthful we person to proceed to evolve. The coaches person to proceed to evolve, the coaches person to enactment arsenic a unit, evolving each azygous time for each fight.”

We’ll cognize however overmuch Patricio Pitbull and his squad has evolved erstwhile helium gets his 2nd ace astatine A.J. McKee atop Bellator 277.