Bellator 279: Cris Cyborg Says She Trains for Six Rounds, Stays Humble in the Gym

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Los Angeles, CA — Bellator MMA women’s featherweight champion Cris Cyborg spoke to Cageside Press precocious astir her upcoming rubric defence against Arlene Blencowe.

She besides touched connected wherefore the combat is against Blencowe, who she already has a triumph over, and not apical contender “Alpha” Cat Zingano.

“I deliberation she’s [Zingano] going to combat different idiosyncratic earlier me, I deliberation she said she wants to combat 1 much fight,” Cyborg (25-2, 1NC) told us. “And let’s see. But I’m focused connected Arlene Blencowe now.”

The champ whitethorn beryllium focused connected Blencowe, but there’s nary question the fans wanted to spot the fashionable Zingano, a erstwhile UFC bantamweight rubric challenger. Zingano was scheduled to look Pam Sorenson past month, but was forced retired of the bout owed to injury.

Another fashionable prime for Cyborg was Kayla Harrison, who Bellator did marque a play for during her escaped agency. Ultimately, the Olympian re-signed with the Professional Fighters League.

“I deliberation she made the prime for her. Maybe if the combat is 1 time going to happen, it’s going to happen. If she was successful Bellator, for definite this would hap faster,” Cyborg said successful regards to the lightweight star. “I don’t cognize if she’s successful PFL, however it’s going to happen. But astatine the extremity of the day, we conscionable person to see, support training, spot wherever the adjacent accidental [is].”

After years successful the sport, Cyborg shed immoderate airy connected what she does amended successful her grooming present than ever before.

“I deliberation the process for mak[ing] weight. I deliberation you larn more, I deliberation you bid smart, adjacent though you’re getting old, you’re getting experience. I deliberation you’re grooming better,” she told us. “The 1 thing, you person to beryllium humble to learn. It doesn’t substance due to the fact that you person experience, it doesn’t substance if you get old, due to the fact that you cognize everything. You person to beryllium humble yourself to larn everyday. This is my secret.”

When it comes clip to measurement into the cage with Arlene Blencowe erstwhile more, it doesn’t substance to the champ if the combat goes long, oregon ends early.

“Every clip I measurement successful the cage, each clip I’m training, I’m grooming for 5 rounds. I’m grooming for six actually,” she stated. “So if it happens that the combat finishes soon, okay. If not, okay. And I ever respect my hostile too. Of people aft a rematch, you’re not going to beryllium the aforesaid idiosyncratic arsenic before. You person to get better, amended your game, truthful it’s truly gonna beryllium a bully fight.”

Bellator 279 takes spot Saturday, April 23, 2022 astatine the Neal S. Blaisdell Arena successful Honolulu, Hawaii. Cris Cyborg faces Arlene Blencowe successful the main event.