Bellator 282: Danny Sabatello Explains Why He Doesn’t Particularly Like Twitter

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Danny Sabatello yet got a Twitter account, but helium doesn’t peculiarly similar it.

It was a semi-nice time connected Twitter backmost successful April erstwhile suddenly, determination was a tweet from an relationship with the grip @shockthisworld. There is lone 1 “shockthisworld” connected the internet, and that is Bellator bantamweight Danny Sabatello.

His archetypal tweet was a elemental 1 but precise on-brand – “Thought agelong and hard astir my archetypal tweet. Here it is. Higo sucks.

Thought agelong and hard astir my archetypal tweet. Here it is. higo sucks.

— Danny Sabatello (@ShockThisWorld) April 25, 2022

Sabatello was ever an Instagram guy, but with his increasing fame and his sanction getting successful much and much headlines, the combatant from Florida created a Twitter. However, it wasn’t solely his idea; Bellator nudged him a small bit.

While helium made a splash connected the societal media website, Sabatello doesn’t similar it due to the fact that of the fans who speech trash.

“Yeah, if it were up to me, I wouldn’t beryllium connected it, but Bellator benignant of wanted maine to get connected it. And a batch of the fans were saying they wanted maine to get a Twitter, truthful you cognize what, what the hellhole conscionable got it. But I can’t enactment connected it excessively much,” Sabatello told Cageside Press recently. “You know, this is my archetypal clip having it, and I don’t truly judge successful it excessively much. I don’t truly springiness a f*ck astir someone’s luncheon oregon what they’re eating oregon whatever. This isn’t the Kardashians. And judge it oregon not, I person a spot of a temper. So I ever thought if idiosyncratic were to tweet astatine maine and speech sh*t, I’d astir apt find retired wherever they are and conscionable effort to spell bushed the crap retired of them.”

“I don’t privation a lawsuit— that’s not bully for them, and that’s not bully for me. It’s not bully for anybody. So the cardinal is to spell connected [Twitter] present and there, but I can’t get caught up successful it excessively much. You know, if I spell connected there, and I look astatine immoderate dumb f*ck talking crap to me, I curse to God, I’m going to get connected a level and spell find them and interruption their f*cking caput open. So the cardinal is not to spell connected it excessively much. But yeah, I’m gonna person a small spot of amusive with it.”

Danny Sabatello (@ShockThisWorld) talks astir Twitter

"Believe it oregon not, I person a spot of a temper truthful I ever thought if idiosyncratic were to tweet astatine maine and speech shit, I'd astir apt find retired wherever they are and spell effort and bushed this crap retired of them."

— Alex Behunin (@AlexBehunin) June 3, 2022

Professional athletes person to woody with fans and trolls talking trash daily. For Sabatello, helium thinks they are each cowards, and if they were to conscionable him successful person, they’d privation an autograph.

“A batch of times these guys are f*cking p*ssies. You know, you look astatine them, and they’re conscionable losers. A batch of the radical that are talking trash online — if they saw maine successful person, they’d inquire for an autograph. So I don’t effort to enactment excessively overmuch banal successful it,” Sabatello said. “But you cognize what, determination should beryllium consequences for your rima and talking that trash online. The bully happening astir being online is they deliberation that they’re safe. They tin accidental this crap due to the fact that they’re safe, but they’re not safe. I person a mode of uncovering retired anybody, and yeah, truthful hopefully that doesn’t ever happen, God willing.”

Sabatello returns to enactment this Friday successful the quarterfinals of the Bantamweight Grand Prix. He faces Leandro Higo. And conscionable similar helium wrote successful his archetypal tweet, Sabatello thinks helium sucks.

Watch the remainder of our interrogation with Bellator 282’s Danny Sabatello above. The lawsuit takes spot this Friday, June 24, 2022 astatine the Mohegan Sun Arena successful Uncasville, CT.