Bellator 282’s Alejandra Lara Working Hard on Mental Game: “You Have to Train How to Be Present”

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Bellator flyweight Alejandra Lara returns to the cage astatine Bellator 282 this Friday, wherever she’ll look Brazil’s Ilara Joanne.

A erstwhile rubric challenger, Lara (9-5) volition beryllium looking to drawback a two-fight losing streak, having dropped back-to-back fights against Kana Watanabe and DeAnna Bennett.

“I deliberation this past twelvemonth was precise turbulent. I had a batch of changes, and I cognize that mentally and emotionally, I had thing that I was carrying with me,” she told Cageside Press successful a caller interview. “What I realized since my past combat was that I needed to focus. I was there, yeah, training, but successful the infinitesimal of the fight, I cognize I did immoderate things that was conscionable [from] being not connected successful the moment.”

That’s thing she worked connected specifically up of her instrumentality against Joanne — including taking up meditation. “Things that close present springiness maine much confidence, and decidedly much focus.”

The intelligence aspect, and surviving successful the moment, is thing that is important to “Azul.”

“I deliberation I wage a batch of attraction [to] those things, due to the fact that I’m a precise delicate person,” Lara explained. Even her nickname, ‘Azul,’ which means blue, represents “all of these affectional environments, that you request to power oregon astatine slightest cognize however to woody with it. And I’ve learned a batch of things astir connecting our brains. We person our brain, but besides our heart, our stomach, our intersexual organs, that person a batch of accusation that we request to cognize however to process. And that is [the same] with our feelings, too.”

What it each comes down to, is that successful her greeting meditation oregon different training, Lara is actively moving to beryllium present.

“Sometimes you’re training, and you’re not there. Your caput is out, it’s successful your things, it’s successful your future, the past. So you person to bid however to beryllium present. It’s what I’ve been doing this time.”

As for the match-up with Ilara Joanne, “I deliberation this is simply a precise bully lucifer to beryllium Fight of the Night,” noted Lara. “She has a precise aggravated style, going ever forward. I person thing that, I deliberation she is not acceptable [for]. So I anticipation to travel with it, stronger than ever. Specifically mentally, and I deliberation that’s each that I need.”

“I consciousness precise excited, due to the fact that I cognize this is going to beryllium an astonishing fight.”

Watch our afloat interrogation with Bellator 282’s Alejandra Lara above. The lawsuit takes spot this Friday, June 24, 2022 astatine the Mohegan Sun Arena successful Uncasville, CT.