Big Cass Says DDP Was Instrumental in Alcoholism Battle

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Former WWE prima Big Cass has touted Hall Of Famer Diamond Dallas Page arsenic an instrumental fig successful his conflict with alcoholism.

Recently, Cass, existent sanction William Morrissey, was a impermanent connected Renee Paquette’s podcast, The Sessions. Morrissey opened up astir his conflict with alcoholism, being released from WWE, and however Dallas Page helped him get backmost connected his feet.

He archetypal noted that the drinking got retired of manus successful 2017 conscionable earlier his WWE release. Morrissey admitted that everyone knew helium was having a drinking problem, and helium didn’t attraction astatine the time. However, looking back, helium present views the concern arsenic “sad.”

“Like successful 2017, the drinking was truly retired of hand. It was casual to hide, due to the fact that alcoholics are precise bully astatine hiding their alcoholism. So I was hiding it from a batch of people.

“I got injured and erstwhile I came back, I was conscionable successful a atrocious spot mentally, and not to blasted it connected taking medications that I decidedly shouldn’t beryllium drinking with, but I conjecture I conscionable kept drinking and kept fuc*ing up. The drinking, yeah, it got wholly retired of manus to the constituent wherever everybody was noticing.

“There was nary hiding it anymore. Everybody knew. It’s bittersweet to accidental looking back, but astatine the time, I knew everybody knew and I inactive didn’t springiness a fu*k. I was like, I didn’t care.

“I don’t cognize what power flipped successful my head, but I truly gave up spiritually. At that point, I was done.”

Morrissey past talked astir having his seizure astatine the House Of Hardcore event successful Philadelphia. He revealed that, soon aft the incident, Diamond Dallas Page reached retired to him. Page offered his assistance and the brace yet linked up successful Atlanta successful 2019. Morrissey touted Page arsenic “instrumental” successful getting him done rehab the archetypal time.

“After I had that archetypal seizure successful Philadelphia backmost successful 2018, helium got successful interaction with me. He said, ‘You cognize if you’re ever acceptable to travel down present and sojourn Atlanta, I’d truly similar to assistance you.’

“I conjecture successful May of 2019 is erstwhile I went down to Atlanta to nexus up with him conscionable hanging out, moving out, and talking. We developed a narration and a bond.”

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