BKFC President Teases Three More Big Heavyweight Signings

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Bare Knuckle FC (BKFC) president David Feldman isn’t done with heavyweight signings conscionable yet.

Earlier this week it was announced that erstwhile UFC heavyweight Ben Rothwell inked a woody with BKFC. However, it sounds similar he’ll beryllium joined by a fewer different large names successful the part arsenic well. Recently, Feldman spoke to MMA Underground’s John Morgan astir a assortment of topics, including their caller signing of Rothwell.

While discussing the signing, Feldman teased that helium is besides successful talks with a fewer much big-name heavyweights to articulation the promotion.

“We person 2 much large signings coming this week successful the heavyweight part arsenic well,” Feldman said. “And I deliberation by the extremity of the week radical are going to accidental ‘Man that heavyweight part is truly looking good.”

When asked for much accusation connected the imaginable signings, Feldman noted that 1 of them is really a erstwhile satellite rubric contender successful boxing. Another hasn’t been successful the nationalist oculus for immoderate clip but has had fights with immoderate large names. And finally, different MMA prima who precocious competed successful a “top MMA organization.”

“We person a erstwhile satellite title contender successful boxing that we’re looking to motion close now,” Feldman said. “Hopefully get that 1 done time oregon the adjacent day. Fought everyone successful the world. And past — really 3 signings. One feline that hasn’t been astir for a small bit, but helium fits this benignant perfectly.

“And past different feline that was warring successful 1 of the apical MMA organizations recently. So we’re going to person 4 caller additions to the heavyweight part (with Ben Rothewell), and I deliberation the heavyweights are going to beryllium blessed because, hopefully, it’s going to go immoderate bully wealth fights for them down the road.”

Who bash you deliberation the 3 astonishment signings are? Give america your guesses successful the comments conception below!