Blake Perry Hoping For Bellator Contract After Submitting Makoa Cooper

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Blake Perry wants a Bellator declaration aft defeating Makoa Cooper past weekend.

It was rather the nonrecreational debut for Perry (1-0) astatine Bellator 278. He kicked disconnected Bellator’s two-night Hawaiian homestand by defeating Hawaii’s precise ain Cooper successful a come-from-behind victory.

After losing the archetypal round, Perry submitted Cooper with an anaconda choke to prime up a triumph successful his nonrecreational debut arsenic good arsenic his Bellator debut.

“It didn’t commencement disconnected great. He’s a pugnacious dude, man, you know. So, yeah, it was a small spot of a unsmooth start. But to beryllium wholly honest, that’s however a batch of my fights go. I deliberation determination are much fights than not that I’ve won, but I’ve looked unspeakable after,” Perry told Cageside Press successful an exclusive interview. “But it’s much astir however you decorativeness than however you start. So, it wasn’t the prettiest thing, but my fights usually are not. So it’s each good.”

Perry was a +700 underdog going into his combat with Cooper. When asked if helium told his friends to stake connected him, “hell yeah,” helium did, and helium is waiting for a cheque from his friends.

“Hell yeah, I did, bro. Yeah, I got rather a fewer buddies that enactment a small thing down connected me. And weirdly enough, I haven’t gotten immoderate checks successful the message from immoderate of my friends. So I don’t cognize what the hell’s up with that. I don’t cognize if it got mislaid successful the message oregon what’s up, but I’m inactive waiting connected that,” Perry joked. “But yeah, I had I heard the betting likelihood were heavy not successful my favor. So I told them if there’s a combat to stake on, this is the 1 due to the fact that wherefore not?”

The 27-year-old did not speech to immoderate Bellator officials aft his fight, but helium wants to combat for the promotion again. He said with his come-from-behind win; it conscionable makes sense.

“Bellator conscionable did a speedy small interrogation with me. But different than that, I’m waiting to perceive from them. Bellator deed maine up, man! I’m trying to combat for them. I privation to combat for them again. That was an awesome acquisition and, obviously, a badass promotion, and I privation to combat for them again. I would emotion to, and I don’t spot a crushed wherefore not if I accidental truthful myself. So, yeah, I’d emotion to travel backmost if they’ll person me,” Perry said.

Watch the remainder of our interrogation with Blake Perry above, wherever helium talks astir however helium got into MMA, his subject experience, his future, and his contention with the Cooper family.