Boxer Attempts to Recreate Mike Tyson Ear Bite, Apologizes

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One boxer really attempted to recreate the Mike Tyson ear-biting incidental wrong the ringing recently.

Rising super-middleweight prima Edgar Berlanga took connected hostile Roamer Angulo this past weekend. When the brace clinched up successful the seventh round, Berlanga appeared to really wound into Angulo, akin to however Mike Tyson spot Evander Holyfield.

For those of you unaware, Tyson spot Holyfield’s receptor disconnected during their 1997 rematch, which got Tyson disqualified from the contest.

Of course, Berlanga’s wound was obscurity adjacent to arsenic damaging arsenic Tyson’s, arsenic Berlanga’s actions went unpunished, and the combat continued. Berlanga went connected to triumph the combat via unanimous decision, improving his unblemished grounds to 20-0.

Speaking aft the fight, courtesy of Mirror UK, Berlanga explained wherefore helium attempted to wound into Angulo during the fight.

“He kept throwing elbows and, you know, head-butted maine and stuff. So, I was telling him like, ‘Yo, chill!’ You know, similar I didn’t wanna get chopped oregon anything. But I don’t cognize – I conscionable got assertive successful there, Mike Tyson style. You know? I got a small carried away.”

However, Berlanga aboriginal took to Twitter to contented an authoritative apology for his actions, saying helium feels “embarrassed” by his actions.

“I privation to apologise for my actions and what I said yesterday astir the Mike Tyson bite. I was successful the infinitesimal and got a small up of myself. It doesn’t instrumentality distant from the embarrassment that I person caused upon myself, my team, apical ranks, and galore others.

“I reacted poorly and instrumentality afloat responsibility. Moving forward, I americium going to beryllium much mindful and encouraging successful my behaviour. Once again, I bash apologise.”

What bash you marque of Edgar Berlanga doing his champion Mike Tyson impression? Let america cognize successful the comments below!