Bray Wyatt’s WWE Release Just Got Even Weirder

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Bray Wyatt remains a escaped cause astir 1 twelvemonth aft his WWE merchandise past summer. The 3-time WWE Champion has kept a debased illustration successful caller months, contempt expectations that a prima of his caliber would resurface somewhere by now.

On the latest occurrence of Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer hinted that there’s bully crushed that WWE has not re-signed the 3rd procreation Superstar.

During a treatment astir plans to incorporated supernatural elements into Judgment Day faction, Meltzer dropped immoderate cryptic accusation astir Wyatt’s status.

“He was fired having to bash with things that I astir apt shouldn’t speech about.”

Dave Meltzer connected Bray Wyatt. Why did WWE merchandise Bray Wyatt?

“[Wyatt] was fired for reasons having thing to bash with being implicit oregon not implicit and helium was not fired having to bash with his gimmick,” said Meltzer (via Wrestling News).

“He was fired having to bash with things that I astir apt shouldn’t speech about, truthful I’m not going to commencement a tin of worms. It’s got thing to bash with that. He besides had wellness issues, arsenic acold arsenic being kept retired of enactment and everything similar that.”

Bray Wyatt was 1 of WWE’s highest-paid performers astatine the clip of his release. Meltzer added that Wyatt was making astir $4 cardinal per year, down lone Roman Reigns and Brock Lesnar. This benignant of wealth explains wherefore helium hasn’t turned up elsewhere, specified arsenic AEW. It besides shows however overmuch WWE valued his services.

Wyatt’s Next Move

Earlier this month, determination was speculation that Wyatt could instrumentality astatine the Hell successful a Cell pay-per-view. That lawsuit came and went with nary signs of the antheral down The Fiend mask.

Bray Wyatt has been teasing a instrumentality to pro wrestling. You tin work much astir that communicative below: