Brian Myers Is A Free Agent Again

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Brian Myers (fka Curt Hawkins) is simply a escaped cause erstwhile again.

The erstwhile WWE prima precocious appeared connected the Battleground podcast. During the talk, helium confirmed that his declaration with Impact Wrestling has expired.

The wrestling seasoned noted however Matt Cardona has been wrestling connected the autarkic circuit. He said that helium is ‘along for the ride’ with the erstwhile Zack Ryder arsenic they proceed to wrestle each implicit the country.

Myers was released from his WWE declaration backmost successful April 2020. This was his 2nd tally with the institution which lasted astir 4 years.

He returned to Impact Wrestling successful July aft his non-compete expired. He had been a featured subordinate of the Impact roster ever since.

Brian Myers led a faction called The Learning Tree successful the promotion. The unchangeable that lasted respective months besides included VSK and Zicky Dice.

The IInspiration Done With Impact Wrestling, Issue Statement

He past reunited with longtime spouse Matt Cardona. The duo known arsenic The Major Players successful Impact unsuccessfully challenged for the Impact tag titles astatine the Rebellion PPV earlier this month.

Before his merchandise successful 2020, Myers had spent the bulk of his wrestling vocation successful WWE. His archetypal tally with the enactment started successful 2006 and lasted till 2014.