Chyna’s Mother Says Evidence Tampered With Before Her Body Was Found

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Chyna passed distant connected April 17, 2016, astatine the property of 46 owed to an accidental cause overdose. Her assemblage was recovered connected April 20 astatine her location successful Redondo Beach, California erstwhile her manager got acrophobic implicit Chyna’s inactivity connected societal media and decided to springiness her a visit.

Now Chyna’s mother, Jan LaQue, has travel retired and said that she believes determination is much to the communicative regarding her daughter’s last moments.

Posting connected Facebook, LaQue revealed that a pistillate named Dee J Ben (Dee Joy Bendoy) called her aft Chyna died and told her that she spent the past Sunday with her. This was the past time that Chyna was successful interaction with anyone.

LaQue further continued that the pistillate told her that she and her fellow spent the Sunday day drinking with Chyna successful her condo. LaQue has been trying to get much details connected what happened to her girl close earlier she died but the pistillate refuses to talk to her.

LaQue thinks that the pistillate is hiding thing astir Chyna’s death. Right aft Chyna’s death, she personally spoke to the LA coroner investigator, Christy McCracken, and the Redondo constabulary detective investigator.

Chyna’s parent says some of them told her determination was nary grounds of intoxicant successful her condo. The examiner informed her that 2 types of intoxicant contributed to her decease and her humor level was “way implicit the top.”

Since determination was nary intoxicant recovered successful Chyna’s apartment, LaQue suggests that grounds astatine the country was tampered with and idiosyncratic indispensable person “cleaned up” things. Since the pistillate was past successful interaction with her, she indispensable person known astir her condition. Her refusal to springiness much details to Chyna’s parent does not assistance her lawsuit either.

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In the post, LaQue urged radical to fto her cognize if anyone knows the pistillate oregon what happened during that time. You tin work the station successful its entirety below:

“So galore of you person contacted maine precocious and told maine that you hoped that immoderate time I would find the answers to what truly happened to Joanie close earlier her decease and however she truly died. This pistillate successful these pictures, present going arsenic Dee J Ben connected Facebook, (she has been called Dee Joy Bendoy) called maine aft Joanie died telling maine that she spent that past Sunday with Joanie. That was the past time that anyone saw her.

She told maine that she and her fellow and Joanie spent that day drinking successful Joanie’s condo. Since past I’ve tried to interaction her respective times to larn more, but she keeps ignoring my requests to talk with her. Is she hiding something? It would look so. I spoke to the LA coroner investigator, Christy McCracken, and the Redondo constabulary detective researcher personally, close aft Joanie’s death. Both of them told maine that determination was nary grounds of intoxicant successful Joanie’s condo. Then the LA aesculapian examiner told maine that contributing to her decease were 2 types of intoxicant and her humor level was WAY implicit the top.

So however does that marque sense? She was evidently nether the power of monolithic amounts of alcohol, yet thing was recovered successful the apartment. What happened? Did this Dee region each the evidence? And if so, why? She had to person known that Joanie was successful unspeakable shape. Why did she spell distant and permission her successful that condition? And if she didn’t region immoderate bottles oregon evidence, past who did? Someone had to person “cleaned up” things.

As much and much clip goes by, I’m much and much convinced that this Dee Bendoy knows the information astir what happened. But getting her to travel cleanable with what she knows astir that past time is different story. If you cognize this pistillate and/or what happened, delight please fto maine cognize truthful I tin enactment this enigma to bed. Not knowing what happened is honestly heartbreaking. I committedness that I volition support thing you stock successful confidence.”