Cody Rhodes Beats Seth Rollins At WWE Hell In A Cell

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The 3rd and last lucifer successful the feud betwixt Cody Rhodes and Seth Rolins ended with them gathering wrong the Hell successful a Cell Structure astatine the themed event.

As antecedently reported, Rhodes entered the lucifer with a torn pec that helium suffered portion lifting weights. He’s expected to beryllium sidelined anyplace from six months to a twelvemonth erstwhile getting surgery. 

The lucifer was saved for the main event. Despite the wounded looking nasty, Cody pushed done the symptom and that was the communicative of the match. Rollins wore polka dots tights, a intelligence borderline arsenic Dusty Rhodes wore them during his WWE run. Rollins missed a frog splash disconnected the apical enactment done a table.

Cody pulled retired a bullrope and they tied it to their wrists. Cody with a superkick past deed him with the doorbell for 2. Cody with the crossrhodes for 2. Rollins powerbombed him successful the country done a table. Cody deed the pedigree for a adjacent fall. Rollins with the crossrhodes, but past Cody deed 1 of his own. The decorativeness saw Cody deed 2 crossrhodes past deed him successful the look with the sledgehammer.

On the May 16th variation of Raw, Rhodes issued the situation to Rollins arsenic a effect to Rollins attacking Rhodes during his United States rubric lucifer with Theory connected the erstwhile week’s occurrence of Raw. Once Rhodes made the situation Rollins started laughing astatine him earlier accepting it. 

Rhodes made his instrumentality to WWE astatine WrestleMania 38 successful April wherever helium bushed Rollins and past won the rematch astatine WrestleMania Backlash connected May 8.