Cody Rhodes Reveals What’s Keeping Him Sane Through The WWE Schedule

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Cody Rhodes has not lone agreed to travel backmost to WWE, but helium has besides agreed to the afloat WWE schedule. This means moving not lone TV tapings but aggregate Live Events passim the week. Back successful the day, it would mean that helium hardly got to spot his household but connected a mates of disconnected days. Thankfully things person changed for the better.

The erstwhile AEW prima precocious appeared connected the After The Bell podcast. Corey Graves asked Cody what has been keeping him sane among each the press, travel, and aggregate nights of wrestling each week since WrestleMania. Rhodes mentioned however the emergence of autobus civilization means that helium tin present person his household astir him each the time. What’s particularly kept Cody Rhodes calm is having his canine Pharaoh with him:

“I’ll springiness you an illustration what kept maine sane this past weekend. I did the loop and conscionable kept maine calm and level-headed. You know, you bash your Saturday Night’s Main Event, your Sunday Stunner and past you get to Raw. I brought Pharaoh, my husky. He’s 11 years aged now. He’s acting similar he’s 300 years old. But helium came connected the bus.

Cody Rhodes continued: “That’s different happening that truly has [helped me], the Bus culture. I’m getting utilized to this. Again, I americium not gonna effort and instrumentality it for granted but what a mode to grow your career, physically. In presumption of, ‘oh my gosh it’s each here. I tin bring my household connected the roadworthy with me.’ It’s each close successful beforehand of me. Not person to bash the rental cars and formation each azygous day. So the autobus culture, I americium truly getting in.”

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