Conor McGregor Chimes In On Tony Ferguson’s Rant Against The UFC

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Conor McGregor, UFC 264 property   conferenceConor McGregor, UFC 264 property league Credit: Gabriel Gonzalez/Cageside Press

UFC lightweight Conor McGregor has ne'er been 1 to beryllium mislaid for words and adjacent erstwhile he’s not actively warring helium pays attraction to the sport.

On Wednesday astatine UFC 274 media time UFC lightweight Tony Ferguson went disconnected connected a rant against the UFC and specifically Dana White connected topics ranging from what helium called “UFC Tactics” against him to White saying “F*ck no” to him boxing.

Ferguson described wanting to spell bash different nonrecreational sports, including boxing, and being told nary by White. “I privation to spell bash each these mates things, but past I person this feline close present acting similar a f*cking cause trader telling maine I can’t spell and bash this sh*t.”

McGregor has taken to Twitter to explicit his opinions earlier and did truthful connected Ferguson’s comments. McGregor, who aboriginal deleted the tweet, said connected Thursday,

“Tony Ferguson, who changes his practice astir 4 times a year, is saying it’s idiosyncratic other responsibility helium is successful the positon helium is in. How galore bridges bash you pain earlier you look yourself successful the reflector and accidental “maybe it’s maine that’s the issue”

God bless you pal, I’ll accidental a prayer.” @TheNotoriousMMA 

McGregor has had his ain stock of back-and-forth with Ferguson earlier erstwhile the second was interim champion and calling for Conor to “defend oregon vacate”.

Tony Ferguson faces Michael Chandler arsenic the featured bout of UFC 274.

As of this station Ferguson has yet to remark oregon admit McGregor’s comments, but volition person plentifulness of accidental to code it astatine Thursday’s UFC 274 property league successful Phoenix, AZ.