Conor McGregor Hints At Rematch With Floyd Mayweather

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Conor McGregor has dropped a hint that a rematch betwixt himself and Floyd “Money” Mayweather is connected the way.

In 2017, Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather competed successful what was advertised arsenic “The Biggest Fight In Combat Sports History.” MMA’s Conor McGregor Billi strutted into the satellite of nonrecreational boxing and besides the biggest payday of his vocation erstwhile helium fought Floyd “Money” Mayweather successful the MayMac blockbuster.

 "The authoritative  #MayMac poster has been released, and  it looks kinda similar  thing  from a Fast and the Furious movie." / Twitter

McGregor amazed galore skeptics and adjacent immoderate of his biggest supporters by putting connected a competitory showing against Mayweather earlier yet losing via 10th-round TKO.

The 2 superstars undeniably did large concern together. The lawsuit was the 2nd highest-grossing pay-per-view of each time, down lone Mayweather vs. Pacquiao successful 2015. Thus, it should travel arsenic nary amazed that some men person expressed involvement successful moving it back.

MayMac 2 On The Way?

In 2020, Mayweather criticized McGregor’s boxing quality and said helium was unfastened to having a rematch. Last year, Mayweather reiterated that interest, stating that helium would “absolutely” combat Conor McGregor again.

For McGregor’s part, helium has ne'er shied distant from his tendency to tally it backmost with Mayweather. From the infinitesimal a microphone was made disposable pursuing the archetypal bout against Mayweather, McGregor has ever said helium would emotion to person a rematch with the Hall of Famer.

And taking to societal media Thursday, McGregor hinted that a MayMac sequel mightiness soon go a reality.

“I accept,” are the lone 2 words of McGregor’s Instagram station that captures the Irishman landing a close manus to the assemblage of Mayweather.

Some outlets person reported that a rematch betwixt McGregor and Mayweather is successful the works, but astatine this authorities these rumblings are unconfirmed and are inactive successful the “rumors” stage. Nevertheless, McGregor’s little connection volition nary uncertainty physique preliminary involvement successful the rematch should a woody travel to fruition.

Mayweather has been participating successful accumulation boxing contests since retirement. He has agreed to vie successful his 4th accumulation bout this autumn against MMA combatant Mikuru Asakura. His astir notable accumulation frankincense acold successful presumption of mainstream vulnerability took spot past June against Logan Paul.

As for McGregor, helium has ever maintained that the satellite volition spot him container again. In fact, determination were reports past twelvemonth that the Irishman was hoping to vie against Manny Pacquiao. McGregor adjacent stated that his preparations to container Pacquiao played a relation successful his nonaccomplishment to Dustin Poirier astatine UFC 257. Currently, the superstar is expected to marque his instrumentality to MMA nary aboriginal than aboriginal 2023.

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