Dakota Kai Says her WWE Return Was a Last-Minute Call

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At Summerslam 2022, Dakota Kai returned to WWE, receiving her main-roster call-up successful the process.

Kai, alongside the returning Bayley and IYO SKY, appeared aboriginal successful the show, aft the Raw Women’s Championship lucifer betwixt Bianca Belair and Becky Lynch.


Fans were shocked to spot Kai look astatine Summerslam, arsenic she had been released by WWE successful April this year.

Speaking connected the latest occurrence of WWE The Bump, the New Zealand-born Superstar revealed that determination was ne'er a semipermanent program to bring her back.

“You thought you’d seen the past of me, huh? It inactive feels similar a whirlwind to maine with everything that happened. It each happened truthful past infinitesimal too. To beryllium talking with you guys close present is exciting. Everything that has happened since Saturday has been insane, it’s been crazy.”

“It each happened truthful past minute.”

Dakota Kai connected her abrupt instrumentality to WWE.

Kai added that she has been wanting to enactment with Bayley and IYO SKY for a precise agelong time.

Kai’s Release

Kai was 1 of 10 NXT Superstars released earlier this year, but her concern differed from others.

While Superstars specified arsenic Harland were chopped for not showing improvement, Kai had reportedly received respective main-roster acheronian matches, but WWE had nary plans to propulsion her to Raw oregon SmackDown.

Seeing herself successful a rut, Kai reportedly told WWE that she did not program connected re-signing her declaration erstwhile it expired successful April 2023.