Dakota Kai Says She Is Not Done After WWE Release

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Former NXT prima Dakota Kai has sent retired a connection aft getting released from her WWE declaration earlier this week.

She posted the connection connected Twitter and noted however she has been overwhelmed by the emotion and enactment she has received since the quality broke out:

“Above everything, convey you all. I americium truthful overwhelmed astatine each the emotion and support. The DMs, txts, tweets.. you each person my heart. I emotion you. I americium thankful for being capable to meet, enactment and intertwine with truthful galore beauteous people,”

The erstwhile champion besides mentioned that she chose to go a nonrecreational wrestler astatine the property of 17 and assured fans that she is ‘far from being done.’

Dakota Kai’s WWE release

Dakota Kai was signed by WWE backmost successful December 2016. She spent much than 5 years successful the developmental earlier being fto spell by the company.

WWE officials apparently didn’t spot her arsenic ‘main roster material’ even aft each her training. The thought is not to person talents for excessively agelong successful NXT.

Though reports besides suggest that Kai herself was readying connected not re-signing with the promotion erstwhile her latest declaration with WWE expired. She seemingly saw the merchandise coming arsenic well.