Dakota Kai Was Not Seen As ‘Main Roster Material’ By WWE

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The latest circular of WWE cuts saw immoderate astonishing releases. It included names specified arsenic Dakota Kai, Harland, and Malcolm Bivens.

Reports aft the quality broke retired revealed that WWE officials were not satisfied with Harland’s advancement successful the ring.

Dave Meltzer of the F4Wonline provided immoderate updates connected different 1 of the releases. He claimed that Dakota Kai was not seen arsenic ‘main roster material’ by the officials.

Per Meltzer, the thought is for talents to not person ‘ten-year’ careers successful NXT. The pistillate prima had been with the improvement marque for excessively agelong truthful determination was thing near for her.

A batch of radical disagree with this appraisal of Kai. WWE officials nevertheless person a imaginativeness astir women’s wrestling and the erstwhile tag squad champion didn’t acceptable into it.

Many radical person protested the determination online since the quality came out. This includes Shayna Baslzer, who mentioned however the released prima is 1 of the champion in-ring talents retired there:

Dakota Kai primitively signed a declaration with WWE backmost successful December 2016. She had respective acheronian matches connected the main roster successful 2021 but was sent backmost to NXT.

The erstwhile champion had seemingly indicated to the officials that she wasn’t funny successful renewing her contract. She was already readying to permission and saw her merchandise coming.

Dakota Kai Was Planning To Leave WWE Before Being Released