Details on Brock Lesnar’s Return

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Some details connected the instrumentality of Brock Lesnar person emerged.

The June 17 episode of WWE SmackDown was headlined by an Undisputed Universal Championship lucifer betwixt titleholder Roman Reigns and Riddle. Reigns ended up hitting a spear connected Riddle, who attempted a springboard, for the win.

Now, Riddle tin ne'er situation Roman for the golden again.

After the match, Roman Reigns grabbed the mic and said there’s nary 1 left. Brock Lesnar’s euphony past deed and helium ended up hitting an F5 connected Reigns.

It was announced after SmackDown that Roman Reigns volition instrumentality connected Brock Lesnar successful a Last Man Standing Match for the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship astatine SummerSlam.

Notes connected Brock Lesnar’s Return

Before the Brock appearance, Dave Meltzer of Wrestling Observer Newsletter did enactment that WWE had a program B for Reigns’ SummerSlam hostile and it wasn’t Riddle.

WWE had to travel up with a program B arsenic the archetypal thought was to publication Roman vs. Randy Orton. That program went awry arsenic it became evident that Orton whitethorn request backmost country and could beryllium out for the remainder of 2022.

Fightful is present reporting that Brock Lesnar’s instrumentality was successful the works for astir 3 weeks. This dispels rumors that helium was brought successful for daze worth to instrumentality attraction disconnected the Vince McMahon investigation arsenic The Wall Street Journal study hadn’t been released astatine that time.

As expected, Lesnar’s instrumentality was not listed successful the interior tally sheets arsenic it astir apt would’ve leaked up of time.