Dillian Whyte Claims Tyson Fury KO Loss Illegal, Wants Rematch

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Dillian Whyte believes the circumstances surrounding his knockout nonaccomplishment to Tyson Fury this past play were illegal, and helium wants an contiguous rematch.

Whyte and Fury headlined a jam-packed Wembley Stadium for an epic heavyweight title clash. In the sixth round, Fury landed a vicious uppercut that enactment Whyte down for the night.

In what whitethorn person been Fury’s past nonrecreational boxing contest, it was rather the spectacle to beryllium a portion of. However, speaking to Sky Sports recently, Whyte claims the finishing series was illegal.

The challenger states that the uppercut did, indeed, buzz him, but the consequent propulsion from Fury is what made him deed his caput connected the canvas, preventing him from getting up again.

Whyte besides noted that helium knows Fury mightiness beryllium done successful the ringing aft this bout, but helium hopes “The Gypsy King” returns arsenic he’d similar different changeable aft what helium feels was an amerciable finish.

“I was trying to get my senses and helium afloat two-handed pushed maine and I fell implicit and deed my head,” Whyte said (via Mirror.co.uk) “It was a unspeakable occupation from the referee. I should person had clip to retrieve and person clip to spell backmost to my corner. Tyson Fury gets distant with a batch of things; helium said helium wants to discontinue but I anticipation helium doesn’t discontinue due to the fact that I privation different go.”

Whether oregon not that is simply a anticipation remains to beryllium seen. Fury surely has nary shortage of options extracurricular the boxing ring. He could ever instrumentality to WWE for a large matchup against Drew McIntyre, who helium has been exchanging words with arsenic of late.

Fury has besides expressed involvement successful doing large wealth accumulation bouts, arsenic a combat with UFC heavyweight champion Francis Ngannou has been talked astir rather a bit. It volition beryllium absorbing to spot what the Englishman decides to bash next.

What bash you marque of Whyte’s comments? Do you deliberation the decorativeness was illegal? Give it a look beneath and dependable disconnected successful the comments!