Don’t Call Ronda Rousey the SmackDown Women’s Champion

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Ronda Rousey whitethorn beryllium defending the ‘SmackDown Championship’ from present on, pursuing immoderate unsocial verbiage connected past night’s SmackDown.

At WrestleMania Backlash, Rousey captured the SmackDown Women’s Championship from Charlotte Flair successful an “I Quit” match.

During this week’s occurrence of the bluish brand, Rousey referred to herself arsenic the ‘SmackDown Champion,’ and issued an unfastened situation for the ‘SmackDown Championship.’

The word was besides utilized connected commentary by Pat McAfee.

This isn’t the archetypal clip Rousey has utilized this term, arsenic successful the run-up to WrestleMania 38, the erstwhile UFC combatant vowed to go the SmackDown Champion.

“You tin telephone maine your caller Women’s SmackDown Champion. SmackDown Women’s Champion? Why bash we adjacent accidental ‘women’ successful it anyway? You tin telephone maine the SmackDown Champion!”

Ronda Rousey

Both Michael Cole and ringing announcer Samantha Irvin referred to Rousey arsenic the SmackDown Women’s Championship.

There’s been nary confirmation of the caller name, arsenic refers to the rubric arsenic the SmackDown Women’s Championship.

Who’s adjacent successful line?  Raquel Rodriguez battles Ronda Rousey |  Metro NewsRousey defended the SmackDown Women’s Championship against Raquel Rodriguez connected this week’s WWE SmackDown.

With Charlotte Flair retired of action, for the clip being, it remains to beryllium seen who volition beryllium adjacent to situation the Baddest Woman connected the Planet.

Last night’s lucifer with Raquel Rodriguez was undoubtedly impressive, but with Rodriguez losing, it’s improbable she’ll beryllium feuding with Rousey astatine this time.

Removing Flair, Rodriguez, and existent Tag Team Champions Naomi and Sasha Banks leaves 5 SmackDown Superstars eligible for the Hot Rod.

Natalya, Shayna Baszler, Xia Li, Shotzi, and Aliyah could each beryllium the adjacent hostile for the erstwhile UFC fighter.

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