Don’t Expect Chris Jericho To Change His Theme Song Anytime Soon

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Chris Jericho making his entranceway to the ringing has a contented associated with it – fans singing on to the Fozzy opus “Judas.” The opus from Jericho’s stone set is from their 2017 medium of the aforesaid name. He’s utilized this opus arsenic his entranceway taxable ever since helium started appearing successful New Japan Pro Wrestling successful 2017.

Judas Music Video & Lyrics

But adjacent aft turning heel, Jericho hasn’t changed the opus arsenic astir wrestlers do. Since fans sing on to his entranceway opus and that is considered a affirmative enactment betwixt the wrestler and fans, astir wrestlers successful spot of Jericho would opt to alteration the theme.

But Jericho says that fans singing on to “Judas” during his entranceway is excessively peculiar to beryllium taken away. According to him, it transcends being a bully oregon a atrocious guy.

Speaking to Spin, Jericho said that “Judas” became a deed arsenic soon arsenic it came out. Jericho admitted that helium has nary thought wherefore radical liked the opus truthful much. He decided to usage the opus for his entranceway successful NJPW and realized it makes for a beauteous mean taxable song.

“Well, the happening astir ‘Judas’ is, it was a deed earlier I started utilizing it [as entranceway music], close retired of the gate,” Jericho said. “We did the video, it did 1 cardinal views successful a week. Why? I don’t know. Whatever reason, radical gravitated toward that song. That’s wherefore I started utilizing it arsenic my ringing music.

“I needed a caller opus due to the fact that I had switched from WWE to New Japan [Pro Wrestling],” Jericho continued. “I thought, well, fto maine usage “Judas,” and possibly there’ll beryllium a promoter who hears the opus and brings america implicit to Japan. Then I realized, this is simply a large entranceway song!”

When helium turned bottommost successful AEW, Jericho thought astir changing the song. But adjacent Tony Khan agreed that this would beryllium taking distant a chill infinitesimal that they see portion of their presentation, and decided against it.

“So, erstwhile AEW started, I brought “Judas” implicit there, and past it became portion of the show,” Jericho noted. “For immoderate reason, radical conscionable felt a existent inspiration from that opus and wanted to sing it arsenic I came to the ring. Now, I did conscionable alteration my character, I went from being a bully feline to being a atrocious guy. We thought astir not utilizing “Judas” anymore. But past I thought, why? Why alteration it? And my brag [AEW president Tony Khan] agreed due to the fact that we person a precise unique, precise chill infinitesimal successful our AEW presentation, successful that radical emotion singing this song.”

“As a atrocious feline I could instrumentality it away, but past you’re losing this truly peculiar moment. People singing “Judas” transcends being a bully feline oregon a atrocious feline successful AEW, it’s conscionable thing chill that’s portion of the show. It’s similar going to a KISS performance and they don’t play “Rock and Roll All Nite” due to the fact that they’re trying to beryllium creative. It’s like, f*ck, we don’t care, that’s the opus we privation to hear!”

Chris Jericho wanted to signifier a unchangeable with Jon Moxley and Eddie Kingston. Read astir that scoop here.