DWCS 48: Despite Wild Road Getting to UFC, It was the Best Thing to Happen to Chris Duncan

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Las Vegas, NV — Chris Duncan took the agelong mode to the UFC successful a sense, aft seeing 1 combat autumn done connected the Contender Series past year, past losing another.

Despite that, helium has nary regrets aft winning his mode into the UFC connected Tuesday night, successful his 2nd quality connected Dana White’s Contender Series.

Duncan’s knockout of Charlie Campbell had him definite he’d done capable to yet unafraid a UFC deal. That, connected a nighttime wherever each 5 winners made the large show.

I definitely thought like, I bounced his head off the canvas, you know, like, one of the speed balls was like ‘boom!'” Duncan (9-1) told media outlets including Cageside Press pursuing the event. “Putting somebody out like that, it’s never nice. But that‘s what I’m built for. And, you know, I knew that was going to secure me my contract.”

Duncan recognized that circumstances mightiness beryllium successful his favor, aft cutting value 3 times successful Las Vegas past year.

“My opponent pulled out on the Monday after I made weight,” Duncan recalled, referencing his DWCS match-up with Manuel Gaxhja past season. Gaxhja had fallen sick aft a value chopped gone wrong. “And then Sean [Shelby, UFC matchmaker] said,we’re going to try and get you on Saturday. So we’re gonna send you to the UFC. And we’re going to give you a shot.'”

Duncan had nary thought who he’d beryllium fighting; it turned retired that Jim Miller was the sanction the UFC had successful mind. But they said that the Commission couldn’t allow that. Because, obviously, he’s had so many fights and I have not had a lot. But when I was in that moment, all I wanted to do is be a part of the UFC.” At that point, Duncan’s manager told him to battalion his bags and get acceptable to caput home, not expecting a fight.So as you do, you go to In-N-Out burger and devour some fries and burgers. And then I got a call the next day, thinking it was going to be for a flight. And sure enough, my manager said,you know, we’ve got you a fight.'”

While Duncan said yes to that adjacent Contender Series fight, against Viacheslav Borshchev, the weight cuts took a batch retired of me. And I didn’t feel myself. I feel like it was a dream to be honest. Like I don’t even like— coming backmost here, obviously a year [later] can feel like a little bit deja vu, but I wasn’t right mentally. And I was right mentally tonight.”

“In the extremity we got it done, and present we’re portion of the UFC, truthful blessed days.”

Incredibly enough, Duncan wouldn’t alteration what happened.

“That was similar the champion happening that ever happened to me,” helium admitted. “Because I consciousness erstwhile I utilized to spell into fights, I utilized to spell kill, kill, kill, termination mode, you know? I utilized to, like, get the blinders connected and spell guardant and effort and sound them out. And that’s not the mode you go. And particularly successful MMA, due to the fact that there’s truthful galore ways to triumph and suffer and past obviously, I paid for it. I got near hooked, and I got knocked out. So I had to spell backmost and I had to deliberation astir my mindset and the mode I cogwheel up for a fight.”

Watch the afloat Dana White’s Contender Series 48 post-fight property scrum with Chris Duncan above.