Dwight Howard Details WWE Tryout Experience

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Dwight Howard has opened up connected his acquisition trying retired for WWE.

Last week, NBA prima Dwight Howard took portion successful WWE tryouts during SummerSlam week. He was arguably the biggest astonishment entrant successful the full harvest of candidates who got into the ring.

The Los Angeles Lakers halfway took portion successful a assortment of drills, including cutting a promo. Speaking connected WWE’s The Bump recently, Howard opened up astir his tryout experience.

Howard explained that he’s ever had an involvement successful nonrecreational wrestling, and erstwhile Titus O’Neil presented him the accidental to effort out, helium jumped connected it.

“Well, Titus O’Neil and myself are adjacent friends, and we’ve talked astir maine being a wrestler 1 day. I told him that I was very, precise funny successful becoming a wrestler 1 day. It’s been a imagination of mine.

“I’ve ever wanted to beryllium connected the large signifier of wrestling, and I person each the WWE games and WCWs connected N64 I play. So I conscionable wanted to person an opportunity, and helium said if you’re superior astir wanting to beryllium a wrestler, marque your mode to Tennessee, Nashville for SummerSlam and we’ll spot however superior you are.

“So I drove down to Nashville from Atlanta, maine and my lad and my cousin. We got this amusement connected the road. I showed everybody however superior I was astir the WWE and however honored I was astir being successful the beingness of truthful galore large radical and conscionable each the radical astatine WWE. It was an astonishing experience.”

WWE is nary alien to signing nonrecreational athletes. They’ve inked the likes of assorted ex-NFL players, mixed martial artists, and assorted different sporting stars. Names specified arsenic Ronda Rousey, Pat McAfee, and Brock Lesnar apical that list.

Should Howard extremity up signing with WWE, he’ll surely beryllium 1 of the biggest names successful sports to person made the modulation implicit to nonrecreational wrestling.

Quotes via WrestleZone