Eddie Hearn Won’t Say He’s a Better Promoter Than Dana White

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Matchroom Boxing promoter Eddie Hearn has truthful overmuch respect for UFC President Dana White that helium can’t accidental he’s a amended combat sports promoter than him.

Hearn precocious joined Ariel Helwani connected The MMA Hour to speech astir respective topics. During the interview, Helwani told Hearn helium thinks he’s the champion promoter successful combat sports and asked if helium agrees. Hearn responded by saying, helium undoubtedly believes he’s the champion promoter successful boxing but besides admitted that helium can’t genuinely accidental he’s a amended promoter than White.

“I sometimes work that you don’t person a large narration with Dana White,” Hearn said. “I don’t truly cognize the background, but what I’m saying is: I’m not successful awe of Dana White, but I person immense respect for him arsenic a promoter. So if you accidental to me, ‘Are you the champion promoter successful boxing?’ — it’s not adjacent close.

“Genuinely not adjacent close. But Dana White, I spot arsenic a trailblazer successful presumption of promotion. And not conscionable arsenic a promoter, but successful presumption of the business, the brand, the mode that that sport, oregon that brand, has penetrated the planetary combat market.

“So, for maine to not reply that question with an ‘absolutely I am’ is simply a monolithic recognition to Dana White due to the fact that my ego is retired of control. So I can’t beryllium present and accidental I’m a amended promoter than Dana White, due to the fact that I don’t know. The impervious is successful the pudding successful presumption of the maturation that concern has had.”

There’s nary question that White is 1 of the top promoters of each time. He has helped instrumentality the UFC from a tiny promotion to, not lone making the UFC a household name, but making the athletics of mixed martial arts (MMA) a worldwide phenomenon. White besides has his fingerprints connected immoderate of the biggest stars the sporting satellite has ever seen, specified arsenic Conor McGregor, Ronda Rousey, Chuck Liddell, Georges St-Pierre; and more.

And if his cognition is thing to beryllium considered, he’s obscurity adjacent done yet.

What bash you deliberation astir Eddie Hearn not being capable to accidental he’s a amended promoter than White? Who bash you deliberation is the amended promoter of the two? Let america cognize successful the comments!