Eddie Kingston Hopes To Give Back To The Indie Scene That Treated Him So Well

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Eddie Kingston wants to springiness backmost to the autarkic country that treated him truthful well.

The Mad King precocious spoke with Sean Ross Sapp from Fightful astir the value of indie wrestling, stating that portion helium enjoys making wealth present successful AEW, it was ne'er the crushed helium got into the business.

“To me, money’s ne'er been a origin due to the fact that if I did this for money, I would person been retired 3 years in. After getting to 20 dollars to divided amongst 8 of us.”

Now that Kingston is simply a regular subordinate successful AEW it doesn’t mean helium has forgotten astir his roots. He tells Sapp that he’s been giving backmost to the independents due to the fact that they kept him fed during harder times, and ever took bully attraction of him.

“I similar giving backmost to the independents due to the fact that for truthful agelong I was connected the independents and they kept maine fed. So I similar giving backmost to definite places trying to publication me. I effort to bash bully by the radical who did bully by me. That’s wherefore you’ll spot maine astatine DEFY oregon past the adjacent happening you’ll know, you’ll spot maine astatine Glory Pro and radical beryllium like, ‘Why is helium astatine Glory Pro?’ Those dudes are bully radical to me.”

Aside from DEFY Kingston regularly appeared for AAW and AIW, and names them arsenic 2 different federations that helium volition springiness backmost to.

“Same happening with AAW and AIW and definite places. I effort to spell to the radical who were bully to maine and effort to springiness backmost now. That’s it.”

Kingston has been progressive successful a months-long feud with erstwhile satellite champion Chris Jericho, and his Jericho Appreciation nine faction. After scoring a immense triumph implicit the Demo God astatine Revolution Kingston would beryllium ganged up connected by Jericho and his lackeys, and has reunited with Santana and Ortiz to fend them off.