Ex-UFC Champ Offers To Train Tommy Fury For Jake Paul Fight

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A erstwhile UFC champion is offering to bid Tommy Fury for his combat with Jake Paul, fixed that Tyson Fury is currently banned from entering the United States.

The long-awaited grudge lucifer betwixt Fury and Paul is present acceptable for August. However, Fury mightiness find it hard to bid up of the contest, which volition spell down from Madison Square Garden, arsenic his brother, Tyson Fury, is not allowed successful the United States.

Fury volition apt privation to bid state-side up of the fight, and with his brother, the undefeated heavyweight champion of the world, not successful his corner, it volition surely beryllium a immense nonaccomplishment for the camp.

However, speaking connected a caller occurrence of Karate Combat, ex-UFC heavyweight champion Bas Rutten offered up his services to Fury. Rutten said he’d beryllium blessed to assistance him bid for his combat with the YouTube star.

“I would emotion to bid Tommy Fury, are you kidding? S**t, for the Fury family; I emotion Tyson. Major instrumentality of this feline and I deliberation [that] we tin bash immoderate damage.

“Yeah, it would beryllium great. I’ll beryllium successful the corner. Yeah, astatine slightest helium has a cornerman.”

It remains to beryllium seen if Fury volition instrumentality Rutten up connected the offer, however, it has been rumored that Tommy Fury has already partnered up with trainer Shane McGuigan for the contest.

It should beryllium noted, however, that earlier today, it was revealed that Tommy Fury has presently been denied introduction into the United States, which could jeopardize the scheduled August 6 bout.

What bash you marque of Bas Rutten offering to bid Tommy Fury for his combat with Jake Paul? Do you deliberation helium should instrumentality him up connected the offer? Sound disconnected successful the comments!