Finn Balor Joins Judgment Day, Edge Kicked Out Of The Group

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As advertised, Edge revealed the latest subordinate of The Judgment Day faction connected Monday Night Raw and it’s Finn Balor. However, determination was a twist. 

Edge, Rhea Ripley, and Damian Priest came retired to the ringing for a promo. Edge talked astir however arrogant helium is of them and says Rhea is simply a superstar wrecking machine. He said Priest has assurance similar nary different due to the fact that they listened. He introduced the newest subordinate of the group, which was Balor.

At Sunday’s Hell successful a Cell pay-per-view event, Judgment Day went implicit AJ Styles, Balor, and Liv Morgan successful a six-person tag squad match. 

Edge said Balor reached retired and enactment Balor implicit for being truthful great. Edge wanted to cognize what made Balor alteration his mind. Balor said helium saw clarity aft Hell successful a Cell and joining the radical was a calling that helium refuses to combat due to the fact that he’s bushed of pretending who helium is. 

Priest said they were yet to fto spell of what was the past happening holding them back, which was Edge. They bushed down Edge and kicked him retired of the group. Edge was seemingly written disconnected TV aft Priest deed him with a chair. 

Over the past fewer weeks, The WWE Hall Of Famer has been teasing that the radical would beryllium getting different subordinate and hinted astatine respective antithetic names including Ciampa, Paige, Beth Phoenix, and Corey Graves.