Following PFL 4, Jeremy Stephens Is the Can Man: “Anybody Can Get It”

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Atlanta, GA — Picking up his archetypal triumph since 2018, UFC seasoned Jeremy Stephens yet had his manus raised astatine PFL 4 astatine the Overtime Elite Arena connected Friday night.

Maybe it wasn’t the show helium wanted, oregon capable to onshore him successful the league’s post-season. But the triumph against Myles Price snapped a lengthy losing streak for “Lil Heathen,” who was some captious of his performance, but intelligibly elated to beryllium backmost to winning.

“It feels f*cking good, bro,” Stephens (29-20, 1NC) told Cageside Press pursuing the fight. “It’s been 4 long, agelong years my man.”

While the bout ended successful a divided decision, Stephens was assured he’d done capable to unafraid the triumph Friday successful Atlanta. “I felt I won the archetypal 2 rounds,” Stephens said. “Last one, didn’t instrumentality to the crippled plan, gave up a takedown. His apical pressure’s beauteous good, helium was trying to bash everything helium could to laic connected maine and crotch-sniff so, it is what it is.”

Stephens, sporting a freshly shaved caput helium insisted was owed to a caller sponsor and not his value cut, recognizes determination are areas helium tin amended in. The PFL’s docket should play into that — contempt not making the playoffs, there’s small uncertainty the league volition person him backmost astatine immoderate constituent aboriginal successful the year, apt successful a featured, non-tournament fight.

“I got a fewer things to enactment on. I’m backmost successful the triumph column, that’s each I need. I emotion the consistency present with PFL, the back-to-back,” exclaimed Stephens. “I didn’t get that benignant of combat with Clay Collard, truthful conscionable backmost to the drafting board. I get to travel backmost present successful 2 months. My legs are good, I’m healthy, I could combat against contiguous similar I said. Going guardant I’ve got a batch to enactment on, and you’re going to spot maine support climbing this f*cking mountain, for sure.”

In presumption of standing his performance, Stephens enactment it mediate of the road. “I’m captious astir myself, I consciousness similar that was similar a five,” helium told us. “It was benignant of half-there, fractional off, I did immoderate bully things, and there’s immoderate things I request to enactment connected to unfastened up the game. I was feeling truly aerodynamic with the hairsbreadth and everything, I was conscionable letting things fly. It is what it is, weird night.”

As to immoderate peculiar names connected the PFL roster he’d similar to combat down the line, Stephens is unfastened to anyone. “Just telephone maine the tin man, bro. Anybody tin get it. An American, a Brazilian, a Dominican, telephone maine the tin man.”

Watch the afloat PFL 4 post-fight property scrum with Jeremy Stephens above.