Former WCW Announcer Pushing To Stop Ric Flair From Returning To The Ring

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One erstwhile WCW property is hoping that Ric Flair doesn’t spell done with plans to instrumentality to in-ring action.

Flair, who is 73 years old, has been pushing to get wrong the squared ellipse erstwhile again. He’s posted a mates of training videos with Jay Lethal wherever he’s really taking bumps wrong the ring.

Ric Flair To Be Blocked From Returning?

This has near immoderate acrophobic including erstwhile WCW announcer Chris Cruise.

In a lengthy connection connected societal media, Cruise revealed an email helium sent to the Maryland State Athletic Commission urging them to garbage Ric Flair a licence to wrestle:

“Hey you rubes, I screw astir present a lot, but this is serious: Ric Flair should not beryllium allowed to wrestle. Some reports bespeak helium has been moving retired with Jay Lethal successful mentation to returning to the ring. He can’t beryllium stopped from doing truthful successful states that don’t person diversion commissions and licensing protocols, but security companies tin measurement successful and garbage to contented a enslaved to a promotion that books him. And for those states that bash person commissions, they should beryllium contacted to request that they not let Flair to wrestle. Simply put, Ric Flair returning to the ringing is not wise. No how, nary way. He’s 73, successful mediocre health, an alcoholic, and has a pacemaker installed.

“Today I emailed the pursuing to the Maryland State Athletic Commission, since I unrecorded successful Maryland, and volition interaction different commissions arsenic well. I would promote you to besides email the committee ([email protected]) and impulse its members to contradict Flair a license. It won’t instrumentality long, and could assistance support Flair alive. Here is the email I sent:

‘To the Commissioners of the Maryland State Athletic Commission:

‘Recently, published reports bespeak the nonrecreational wrestler known arsenic Ric Flair, who is 73 and has a pacemaker, is considering returning to the ring. Obviously, that is not wise. It’s astir arsenic if helium wants to dice successful the ring.

‘I americium penning arsenic a national of Maryland to explicit my interest astir the imaginable of Mr. Fleihr being granted a licence to wrestle successful this state. I’m definite you recognize however disastrous it would beryllium for the Commission if helium died successful the ringing during a show for which you granted him a license.

‘I’d similar to cognize what standards the Commission has for granting a licence to a nonrecreational wrestler. Is a carnal introspection required? Are athletes implicit 70 and who person a pacemaker installed allowed to wrestle professionally successful Maryland?

‘I look guardant to your reply.'”

Flair is rumored to beryllium gearing up for a tag squad lucifer that would spot him paired with FTR to instrumentality connected The Rock ‘n Roll Express and a enigma partner. Once again, this is lone a rumor.