Freddie Prinze Jr. Sought Cody Rhodes’ Advice For New Wrestling Promotion

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Freddie Prinze Jr. seems to beryllium going up with his plans for starting his caller wrestling promotion.

Prinze has acquisition successful the pro wrestling industry. He entered the WWE from the satellite of Hollywood and worked down the scenes astatine the institution successful the originative department. He adjacent had a confrontation with John Cena.

Earlier this month, Prinze revealed his plans for his caller promotion. He wants to person it up and moving successful 18 months and wants a two-hour amusement for it.

Now, Freddie Prinze Jr. went into item astir his process successful starting the promotion portion appearing connected the Stories with Brisco and Bradshaw podcast. Prinze revealed that he’s not looking for a TV woody for his wrestling institution successful the archetypal years (as transcribed by

“My doctrine is this. There’s implicit 200 dramas connected television. There’s implicit 150 comedies connected television, there’s implicit 400 world TV shows connected television, and there’s 3 wrestling shows. So there’s tons much country but my program is simply a small different. I’m not looking for a TV deal, astatine first. I privation to person a mates of years wherever we’re inactive filming everything. But I request clip to fail.”

Prinze noted that he’s a twelvemonth and a fractional distant from his promotion being afloat ready. He wants to instrumentality his clip with it. He adjacent wants his amusement to beryllium associated with the Screen Actors Guild, with his wrestlers getting each the benefits from it similar security and retirement.

“I’m astir a twelvemonth and a fractional distant from being afloat acceptable to go. But I privation to instrumentality my clip with it. And past erstwhile we’re acceptable to go, I privation to person a afloat SAG show. And that twelvemonth and a fractional gives maine a clip for each my wrestlers successful my roster to get vouchered truthful that erstwhile we bash go, it tin beryllium a SAG show. My wrestlers are gonna person insurance, retirement, and everything that comes with the Screen Actors Guild.

“I guarantee you, it’s not each bully [because] there’s a batch of BS with our national arsenic well. But it’s thing that I’ve wanted to bash for a agelong time. It’s been a extremity of excavation for a agelong time. I don’t cognize however acold down the extremity enactment I’ll get. But I’m going arsenic acold arsenic I tin go. And if I fail, I don’t care, man, I’m inactive going each the way,” Prinze explained.

Since moving your ain promotion and having its ain TV amusement is nary tiny task, Prinze is seeking proposal from his contacts successful Hollywood. Prinze said that he’s been asking a batch of questions to radical applicable successful Hollywood and besides successful the wrestling business.

Prinze revealed that helium adjacent asked Cody Rhodes for advice, who served arsenic the enforcement vice president of All Elite Wrestling arsenic good arsenic a wrestler:

“I asked a batch of questions to a batch of radical and I’ve been asking a batch of wrestlers arsenic good and radical who person built things you know, I spoke to Cody. And I’ve spoken to Cody aggregate times. So it’s a batch to learn, but I consciousness similar I’m going dilatory and dependable and I’m learning it the close way.”

Freddie Prinze Jr. has said earlier that helium is not looking for his promotion to beryllium successful contention with WWE oregon AEW. He has besides asked for input connected a sanction for the promotion.