Hacksaw Jim Duggan Announces Cancer Has Returned

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Hacksaw Jim Duggan has immoderate unfortunate quality to stock but possibly he’s avoided catastrophe erstwhile more.

The WWE fable underwent exigency surgery aft being diagnosed with prostate crab backmost successful 2021. Following surgery, Hacksaw was capable to uncover that helium was cancer-free.

Unfortunately, his crab has returned but thankfully determination is immoderate optimism.

Hacksaw Jim Duggan Update

In a caller video posted connected social media implicit the weekend, Hacksaw Jim Duggan broke the quality but luckily, doctors were capable to diagnose him quickly.

“Hi, folks, I anticipation you bask the pictures and videos of our travels. We’ve been having a large time. But world is present and I’m acrophobic I person immoderate atrocious news. It seems similar my crab attraction is not implicit adjacent aft the removal of my prostate past October.

“Tomorrow, I’m having my 2nd hormone changeable and Tuesday, I’m being acceptable up for radiation treatment, which volition beryllium 8 weeks, 5 days a week. The doctors are precise optimistic that they caught it early.”

Duggan continue, “But still, it’s a precise terrifying clip for maine and my family. The doctors besides said to spell up and unrecorded life, which we’re going to do. I’m going to marque astir shows, but immoderate shows, I’m gonna person to postpone oregon cancel and I’m atrocious astir that, but that’s the mode it’s got to be. I’ll beryllium posting this full ordeal arsenic I spell done it.

“So time connected the mode to the doc to get the hormone shots. I’m going to beryllium posting that aft the shots. I’ll beryllium posting passim the full experience. Hopefully, it volition assistance idiosyncratic retired determination due to the fact that I cognize a batch of men, a batch of families, are going to spell done this. I cognize it’s going to assistance me.

“You folks person helped maine done an atrocious awful batch implicit the years galore times earlier and sharing this with you is going to assistance maine get done this. So convey you, and delight don’t consciousness atrocious for me. Be thankful that they caught it early. Thoughts and prayers are much than invited and remember, I’ll get done this.

“Thanks precise much, folks.”

SEScoops wishes Hacksaw Jim Duggan thoughts and prayers during this adjacent section of his crab battle.

Quotes via Fightful