Has The Backstage Environment Changed After Vince McMahon’s Retirement

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Fans were expecting large changes successful WWE aft Vince McMahon‘s retirement. However, we person lone seen tiny adjustments some connected surface and down the scenes arsenic well.

WWE prima Butch, antecedently known arsenic Pete Dunne had an interrogation with Digital Spy. When asked astir the backstage environment, he reiterated the remarks of Ciampa.

Butch revealed conscionable similar fans, radical backstage were besides shocked upon proceeding the quality of McMahon’s status past month. Though according to him, things person been ‘strangely normal’ since then:

“To beryllium honest, up till now, it each feels strangely normal. Even the time erstwhile we were astatine SmackDown and we got notified that Vince had retired, evidently there’s that 2nd of radical looking astir like, ‘Did you spot that? Can you judge this has happened?’

But past aft that,” recalled Butch, “Everyone’s truthful focused connected the occupation that’s astatine manus it benignant of feels strangely mean but breathtaking astatine the aforesaid time.”

Update connected How Vince McMahon Views Butch Character

The erstwhile NXT UK champion besides discussed Triple H taking implicit the WWE creative. He claimed that the erstwhile satellite champion is highly approachable.

He explained that Triple H is idiosyncratic who is excited to enactment retired the champion contented helium can, and it’s what the Black and Gold NXT was each about.