Hiroshi Tanahashi Pitches NJPW Wrestle Kingdom Match With CM Punk

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Hiroshi Tanahashi wants to springiness fans the lucifer they were expecting to spot astatine the AEW X NJPW Forbidden Door pay-per-view lawsuit wherever helium was expected to wrestle AEW World Heavyweight Champion CM Punk. 

Last week connected Dynamite, the lucifer was revealed for this upcoming show, but was nixed erstwhile Punk revealed helium had an wounded that volition effect successful him getting surgery. Punk volition not beryllium capable to vie astatine Forbidden Door. 

While speaking to Tokyo Sports (translation via golden_kuma), Tanahashi threw retired the thought of Punk competing astatine Wrestle Kingdom successful January against him. 

“1.4 Wrestle Kingdom. Punk owes maine one. I’d similar to invitation him to Japan. I’ve been to the US a lot, truthful travel present with a peculiar price. Tokyo Dome is simply a prestigious stage,” helium said.

Tanahashi besides talked astir the determination that Punk would not springiness up the title, but instead, an interim AEW World Title volition beryllium made portion he’s retired of action, which volition beryllium decided astatine Forbidden Door with a tournament. 

“I deliberation it’s overprotective,” Tanahashi said of Punk not relinquishing the title. “If it were successful Japan, you would springiness up the loop normally. Or possibly helium volition travel backmost successful a abbreviated play of time.”

Tanahashi has a accidental to vie successful the tourney arsenic helium volition wrestle  Hirooki Goto astatine NJPW Dominion. The victor of that bout volition beforehand to the finals astatine Forbidden Door to conscionable Jon Moxley oregon the victor of a conflict royal.