Indie Wrestler Peed on Herself During Mia Yim Match

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Wrestlers person dealt with galore unforeseen circumstances successful the ringing and bowel movements are nary exception.

We’ve seen wrestlers admit that they erstwhile dropped a deuce portion successful the ring. Back successful precocious 2013, CM Punk did so take a fig two during a WWE SmackDown lucifer with The Miz.

In the lawsuit of Mia Yim, it was her hostile who had immoderate escaped fluid.

Mia Yim’s Opponent Pees Mid-Match

During an interrogation with Metro, Mia Yim revealed that an unnamed wrestler erstwhile peed connected herself during their lucifer astatine an autarkic show.

“I mean, arsenic acold arsenic embarrassing stuff, I wrestled a lucifer – this was many, galore years agone and it was connected the independents – wherever a miss peed successful my match, and it was weird. Yeah, that was truly weird. But it’s okay!

“It happens, you know? It happens. It’s 1 of those things wherever you conscionable don’t bring attraction to it, conscionable don’t deliberation astir it, let’s get done this, and past let’s cleanable ourselves up.”

Yim presently performs for IMPACT Wrestling. She realigned with the promotion aft being released by WWE past year.