Jade Cargill Reacts To Goldberg & Chyna Comparisons

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Jade Cargill has reacted to comparisons she’s received to Goldberg and Chyna.

Cargill was precocious interviewed connected The Game 92.9, wherever she was asked astir the comparisons she’s received to the likes of Chyna and WWE Hall Of Famer Goldberg. While Cargill is honored by the comparisons, she maintains she’s her ain person.

“I emotion what these 2 phenomenal, phenomenal radical represent: beauty, posture, dominance, conscionable moving done people,” Cargill said.

“I’m my ain person, however. I tin instrumentality these attributes from these astonishing wrestlers, but I’m myself. I’m Jade Cargill. I person a antithetic way than some of these phenomenal people.”

Cargill has been highly awesome passim her tally with All Elite Wrestling (AEW). One of the biggest reasons she finds herself compared to Goldberg is due to the fact that she’s presently undefeated. Her grounds sits astatine 35-0 and she reigns arsenic the inaugural TBS Champion for 211 days-straight.

Goldberg racked up an astonishing 173-0 undefeated grounds earlier yet being defeated by Kevin Nash. As for her comparisons to Chyna, some she and Cargill are physically imposing women whose physicality dominates wrong the ring.

Chyna helped interruption down barriers, winning the Intercontinental Championship arsenic good arsenic the WWE Women’s Title. Cargill hopes to marque a akin impact passim her tally with AEW.

Quotes via Wrestling Inc.