Jake Paul Hitlist Candidate Williams Claims Fight Talks Have Begun

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One of Jake Paul’s targeted opponents, New Zealand boxer Sonny Bill Williams, says that negotiations are underway betwixt the 2 sides.

Paul listed Williams successful a recently-revealed radical of imaginable boxing adversaries for his instrumentality to the ringing aboriginal this year. He hasn’t fought since his knockout of erstwhile UFC champion Tyron Woodley past December.

During a caller interrogation with Stan Sport, Williams revealed the probability of a combat with Paul happening next.

“Jake Paul, his radical person reached retired to excavation and they’re talking truthful who knows,” Williams said. “The main happening is I’m precise excited and precise grateful to beryllium backmost successful the ring, connected Stan, boxing.” (h/t Nine)

Williams explained wherefore helium feels he’s acceptable for a large combat against Paul.

“I consciousness successful the past six months I’ve improved tenfold, truthful it’s the assurance I person successful my ability,” Williams said.

Williams is 9-0 successful his nonrecreational boxing career, with his astir caller triumph coming against Barry Hall successful March. He is besides a erstwhile nonrecreational rugby subordinate and retired successful 2019.

Paul has besides been the people of Tommy Fury pursuing Fury’s astir caller triumph implicit Daniel Bocianski past week connected the Tyson Fury vs. Dillian Whyte paper successful London. Paul and Fury were expected to combat successful December earlier Fury pulled retired with an injury.

It’s unclear however acold on negotiations are betwixt Paul and Williams’ respective teams, but it seems that the involvement successful a combat betwixt the 2 boxers is legitimate.

Who bash you privation to spot Jake Paul combat next?

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