Japanese Pro Wrestling Legend Yu Ishino (Kagetsu) Comes out as Transgender

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Retired Japanese pro-wrestler Yu Ishino (fka Kagetsu) has travel retired arsenic transgender and spoken astir his acquisition transitioning.

Ishino is champion known for his clip competing for STARDOM, wherever helium is simply a erstwhile World of STARDOM Champion, capturing the rubric successful 2018 from Toni Storm.

In a YouTube video, Ishino came retired arsenic a transgender antheral and spoke astir his experiences.

“I underwent the country and present I americium surviving arsenic a antheral … I consciousness similar a 14-year-old lad (because everything is inactive truthful precise new), but I anticipation moving forward, I’ll inactive person your enactment arsenic I effort caller things.”

Yu Ishino

Ishino was blessed to amusement disconnected his “tiny small chin beard,” and said that helium volition beryllium leaving the Kagetsu sanction behind.

“I cognize however beloved the sanction Kagetsu is, but with this video, I would similar to enactment that sanction to rest.”

Yu Ishino

Outside of his autochthonal Japan, Ishino competed for CHIKARA successful 2012 and Ring of Honor successful 2018.

Ishino retired successful 2020 and faced NXT UK Women’s Champion Meiko Satomura successful his past match, but returned to the ringing for past year’s Hana Kimura Memorial Show.

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Thanks to POST Wrestling’s Karen Peterson for the translated quotes