Jeff Hardy Says “It’s Going To Be Exciting” When Willow Returns

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Jeff Hardy continues to tease that we haven’t seen the past of his change ego, Willow.

Hardy portrayed Willow during the aboriginal days of his wrestling career. He brought Willow to TNA Wrestling backmost successful 2014, arsenic seen below.

Hardy has referenced the acheronian and mysterious tone respective times implicit the past fewer months.

In September, Hardy said helium was talking with the creator who created the Willow disguise astir reviving the gimmick astatine 1 much clip earlier retirement.

In November, Hardy pitched the thought of bringing backmost Willow arsenic an artsy Bob Ross character, akin to Bray Wyatt‘s The Fiend.

Since then, Hardy near WWE and joined AEW, wherever he’d person much originative state to research Willow successful a caller environment.

Jeff Hardy Bringing Willow to AEW?

On the latest occurrence of the AEW Unrestricted podcast, Jeff Hardy was asked if we could spot Willow successful All Elite Wrestling.

The Charismatic Enigma says, “Yes, of people determination is” a accidental Willow could look successful AEW. He scoffed astatine the thought of Willow being aligned with the House of Black, but assured fans that Willow is simply a portion of him.

“When helium comes retired to play, helium comes retired and it’s going to beryllium exciting.”

– Jeff Hardy connected Willow successful AEW

Jeff Hardy joined AEW backmost successful March. Since then, he’s reunited with his member and the Hardys are present gearing up for a feud with the Young Bucks. The teams are expected to quadrate disconnected astatine the upcoming AEW Double oregon Nothing pay-per-view aboriginal this month.

You tin perceive to Jeff Hardy connected the AEW Unrestricted podcast: